Maybelline Loaded Bold Mattes are here! Reds are Lurve!

Life as a mom who loves beauty can never get boring becasue inbetween cooking and running after a toddler, you get to try on fun bold lipsticks. And Maybelline is never one to not bring their best on the table (or in my case, changing table! Haha!), I started to embark on THE LOADED BOLD MATTES they just launched a week (or was it two weeks?) ago. Well, don't mind me. I get my days mix up, thanks to many sleepless nights and never ending errands and chores!

What I have here are some of the best shades from their latest collections! But wait, let's talk about the texture first because hell if I put on a lipstick that feel gritty, no matter how good the shade is. 

The Loaded Bold Mattes is - hallelujah!! - the same powdery matte consistency we have all come to love in the Maybelline ColorSensational. It's not the drying consistency that my lips can't stand.  Those dessert-like liquid mattes have the backseat this Summer! This feels good, thankfully.

So let's get on with the colors... We all know you wanna see them up close and personal.

Maybelline peeps, I loooove your press boxes! Sorry I had to mention it here but your boxes should be available to your loyal customers, too!

The TOP 6 Chicas that will rock your Summer.

Chuchie, my main gal at Maybelline Philippines told me to pick up Chocoholic. Was about to when I saw it in this snazzy box! Yey!

Maybelline The Loaded Bold Mattes | Chocoholic
 I was sporting brown red before it was "uso" and my friends laughed at me saying it will never be back. Boo-yah, now y'all crazy for this shade. I see this shade mostly as a "Safety Red". It's not too out there but it really makes you look hip. Not to mention that your mouth look hella good in this shade no matter your skin color.

Berry Bossy is the next best thing for me in this collection and I will never say that I have too much magenta/mauvey lipsticks. NEVER! I loooooove this even with zilch makeup on. I wore this once in my pambahay and I look hella good in my CPK freebie shirt and Uniqlo boxer shorts and even with a jaunty pimple on my cheek. This shade, it will take you places because you can consider this as an everday lippie and people will just compliment you.

Midnight Red is your proverbial Pussy Red. Yes, I said it. We're all mature adults here! This could be your momma's red lipsticks, too. But who cares? We love our mommas! It's the blue-red lipstick that we have all come to love!

Marilyn Monroe might fight you for Smoking Red. A bright - With Captial B - RED Lipsticks. It's a nice red!

Wickedly White is not new to me. I used to mix my white OCC Lip Tar (remember these cuties??) with all my lipsticks before to give them a new shade and this is how I will treat this. I can even use this as face paint, create awesome laces trimmings along my forehead ala-Coachella. Maybelline came out with blue and black lispticks, too. Yes, you can easily get the most covetable shades or just because you don't have enough lipstick (or so you keep telling yourself). Don't justify it, girl. Just. BUY. The. Lipstick. Or. Lipsticks.


Chocoholic | Berry bossy | Midnight Date | Smoking Red | Wickedly White

See y'all next swatch party!

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