How to Look Younger | My Age Defy Program Experience at Luminisce (BOTOX and NOSE THREADLIFT)

If you're eager to change something but you don't want it to be a drastic sort of change then read on, this is something that will surely interests you.

I would only call it fate when I scored a schedule with Dra. Kaycee of the much-raved clinic, Luminisce in Fort Bonifacio. She's a well-known dermatologist to some of the popular influencers and celebrities in the country.


February 2017 - At age 33, I was alarmed to see that my skin is starting to get fine lines and wrinkles on the furrow area (skin between the brows and nose bridge). It wasn't the cute kind either... it's the ones that made you look masungit like  I saw it on my mom's and I could see it in mine. The 11's that shows everytime I frown  was depressing the hell out of me. I know I have internal issues that I have to deal with but I didn't want my face to show it and I'm not in the world of beauty to not know what I gotta do about it. Consider this a band-aid fix, avery beautiful one and one I would use again if the world demands me to look my best.

SKIN CHECK with Dra. Kaycee

I came in at Dra. Kaycee's clinic with a goal that I will go home sans the 11 in between my brows. She asked me about my concerns and immediately told her. As expected, she studied my face and explained that despite my age, I have hyperactive muscles. Add to that I am aging and gravity is fast dragging my face downward and it didn't help that my muscles are cooperating with nature. But it wasn't a lost cause!

After our discussion, Dra. Kaycee finally zeroed in on my skin concerns, she recommended that I do a personalized Age-Defy Program that she created for people like me (concerned with premature aging). It's also a great way to jumpstart your skin and start taking better care of it. The immediate and drastic slashing age in these procedure will really help you see your skin in a different light. 


What I was treated to is called AGE-DEFY PROGRAM, this includes a set of procedures that aim to tackle my skin concern as I discussed thoroughly with Dra. Kaycee.


A fast, non-surgical treatment that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles, gradually fading deep lines, wrinkles and crow's feet with regular treatment. The procedure has also been extended to reshaping facial features as well, bringing out a smoother and younger appearance.

2. Threadlift - NOSE

A 30-minute treatment using special therad that lift and hold sagging skin aon the face and neck.. This procedure needs no anesthesia and only calls for minimal downtime, so you can reveal tighter, firmer and younger skin in an instant. (You will see the results off in photos below)

3. UltraFirme RF

A non-ablative, non-invasive procedures that uses radio frequency technology to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. No scarring, no pain and no waiting time! The result is a firm, taut, wrinkle-free skin.

Below you will see before, during and after photos of the whole Age-Defy Program that was done to me. 

To start me off the Age Defy Program , I was treated to a Full Radiance Facial that thoroughly cleansed my skin. It's aim is to improve and brighten the skin from discoloration.

A numbing cream was applied on my nose and furrows to prepare it for the additional aneasthetic that will be injected on the tip of my nose. This is required for the main procedure of insertion of threads. It will also help lessen the pain during the Botox Procedure. Waiting time took about 20 minutes for the cream to work.

It looks and sounds scary but it isn't. Specially if you've watched your fair share of House and Grey's Anatomy.  To be honest, it was more hurtful to see how badly the lines on my furrows was compared to the whole procedure. It's not entirely painless though so be prepared for that.

Dra. Kaycee was thorough as expected. She had complete control of the whole procedure and she asked me how I was in between. The thread inserted would be based on the improvement on the height of the nose bridge and the reduction of the lines. Dra. Kaycee took into account that I didn't want a significant change, just enough that the lines will disappear and would be prevented. She was meticulous, reassuring and precise in her technique.

On the nose, she used up to 12 threads, on the bottom, she used 6 to match the height. Usual number used on a person wanting a true nose threadlift would use about 20-30 threads depending on how small and stout the nose is. 

The procedure lasted only 30 minutes! It was that fast! 

Before the Nose Threadlift procedure
After Nose Threadlift Photo

My face looks swollen naturally but I could already inagine how it would look like once the swelling goes down. Below you would see the prick from the needle. This wound took about a week to disappear, it was healed two-three days from the procedure.

For the furrows, Dra. Kaycee applied a few cc's of botox to relax the lines. The effects wasn't instant as I would see it within the next few weeks.

Recovery time at the most is 2 weeks. You'll be able to do anything the next day.

Day 1 of post-treatment.

Two days later I was ready to go to events and meet with friends.


These are some photos of me before the procedure. These photos were from Year 2016 and January 2017.

And below are my photos now!

One month post procedure.

April 2017


At first people couldn't tell I had anything done. One friend, Nicole, commented that my skin is glowing and was surprised she didn't detected the changes I made! A friend who used to work for an aesthetic clinic, commented that my skin never looked better. I also got high praises from relatives who would usually say otherwise. Nobody knew I had Nose Threadlift!! Nobody detected it!

Comments I received were overwhelming.

"Looking good!"
"You look fresh!"
"Fresh mo today!"
"You look different. Anung secret mo?"
"You look younger!"

There's really something to be had in this kind of treatment and I'm so glad I did it. Though Rhinoplasty is far from my mind just yet, I'm glad I took a leap to try Nose Threadlift to help me with my fine lines and wrinkles. I'm glad to put myself in the expert hands of Dra. Kaycee. She's amazing. There's less than a handful of dermatologists that I would do this and I'm glad that it's with her and her staff.

When I went back to Dra. Kaycee, she was very happy with the results. If you visit her and ask for this treatment,  I wouldn't be surprised that you'll see my photos as one of her test subjects.

To find out more about Luminisce, visit these links:

P.S. I do not advise you to get these treatments from aesthetic clinics without a dermatologist. Please consult your doctor before undergoing any procedures, invasive or non-invasive. Make sure to keep a healthy lifestyle and all is okay before you go through any kind of semi-invasive and invasive procedures.

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