Expo Kid 2017 by Mommy Mundo | March 4-5, 2017

Now that my toddler has boundless energy, I am always looking for activities that would snuff it and of course I want it to be fun and also a learning experience. And always looking for new ways to entertain because she eats up activities just like that that I quickly ran out of ideas. I really want to delegate it at least for the Summer so she can also interact with other children.

Janice and her team at Mommy Mundo always think ahead for new moms like myself because she has been in our shoes. The countless hours going online, calling up classes and people and even bugging relatives for recommendations. And that is why she created Expo Kid where she brought together her favorites and probably the best summer activity providers in the city. This event (already on its 6th year) is your new go-to for a chance to see what schools offers for your kids during school break. 

I can't wait to see and talk to the participants tomorrow. I can't say enough how helpful their Pre-school Fair is for us so I won't miss this. I'm just hoping that Claud and I are feeling much better tomorrow.

Here are the activities happening from March 4-5, 2017.

Some of the participants:

Must get my hands on Sassy Slimes PH! Not only for Claud but for me, too! LOL!

I'm into subscription box for beauty so why wouldn't I be for my baby? I wonder what Oli's Boxship has in store for me and Claud.

I'm pretty excited. This is something I really want to explore with Claud.

for more information visit www.mommymundo.com.


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