My #ItsJudyTimeManilaMeetUp Experience

What was Momma Shen doing at It's Judy Time Manila Meet-up? Well, I'm pretty much hooked up with friends at Pixi Philippines and Mommy Mundo! I really didn't think I'd get a chance to see Judy considering her tickets for sold out in less than 2 days (or was it 2 hours??). I thought it was hopeless to score one... but lo and behold, God surprises you when you least expect it when I received an email from Pixi Philippines... not only to be attend the It's Judy Time Manila Meet-up at Samsung Hall SM Aura but to also attend the after party!! Waaaahhh!  😱😱😱

Beautiful Say Tioco hosted the event as always she's bongga! A long-time friend of the Travis', Say is best host for this special occasion.

Well, hello #BabyBears! Such a beautiful family, noh? People screamed their heart out the moment the Travis' stepped out of the room and on to the stage. For those of you who don't know, Judy is Filipina-American. She grew up in the States and was first a Youtube Beauty Vlogger with millions of users and soon became of Youtube's top Vloggers when she married Benjie Travis and had the cutest baby girls, Juliana, Mia and Keira. 

Judy came over to the Philippines to donate more $500,000.00 to FeedOne and Convoy of Hope. This is part of her Dancember series wherein people get freebies (like video shoutouts, t-shirts, etc.) by simply donating a certain amount. Grand Prize of which is a trip with Judy and Benj! And guess what? The recipient of this is 500,000 kids (a stadium-full of children) are Filipino kids! And that is why Judy and Benj and the rest of their family were here!

Coincidentally, Judy and Pixi by Petra partnered together to create two palettes, #ItsEyeTime and #ItsLipTime palettes. It recently launched in the US and with God's perfect timing, was launching in the Philippines same time Judy was here. That's God writing her life so beautifully because she get to share with us, fellow makeup-loving Filipinas, something that she poured her heart and mind to.

Aren't the stars aligned for us, right?

Lia of Pixi Philippines shares her love for Judy and how excited she is that she gets to present this new Pixi by Petra X #ItsJudyTime palette collection to all of us. 

The collection consists of an eyeshadow and lip palette that Judy curated herself. Her thought always stems from her love of makeup and her experiences as a mother. Something many of us can relate to, especially me!

The event itself went smoothly which everyone following directions so they can get their photos taken with Judy, watch her and her family. Mommy Mundo mounted the event from start to finish and it was really impressive how they controlled the crowd to give everyone a great experience. 

Benj is everything a mom would ever want for her daughter. He's incredibly supportive, on top of everything and a loving father. He reminds me a lot of my own hub, Ron. 😊

PLDT Home Telpad winner got a chance to their photo taken with the Travis'!

So, this is me gushing at Judy! I just love her. She's so warm, engaging and her smile is infectitous. They say never to meet your hero, but Judy just impressed me more when I saw her in person.

Of course, I got a picture with me... not knowing later on that I would get more time with her!

Beauty Vloggers and Bloggers unite for this special moment. Judy is a hero, an inspiration to many of these girls including myself. I can't imagine how thrilled they are to see their idol in person! Some cried! What an impact a persona can make just by sharing a few minutes of their time. :)

Gotta thanks RJ for this awesome photo with Judy and Juliana. 😘😘

Thank you to my lovely friend, Bea, for taking this photo! 😘

One special thing about this event is having to share it with fellow moms. Judy's influence went beyond beauty and her fame as a Youtube Vlogger, she showed many women that we can do anything we set our minds to. She surrounded herself with loving positive people who loves what she does and so she was an overflowing support from her family and friends. Like the rest of us moms, Judy deals with the same stuff twice over! It's amazing to see her in person and so human catching her breath as she wrestles to get a hold of her twins and to see how much her family so proud of her.

Seeing her mom reminded me of my own and I admit I felt a pang of regret on that part because my mom isn't physically here to celebrate moments with me. But I know like with Judy's, God's plan for me will only beautifully unravel. I just hope I will have the same grace as Judy when it does.

I also got to see my longtime friend, Grimace! He was my mascot during my 9th birthday. And he was also there during my daughter's first birthday. Suffice to say, we trust McDonald's when it comes to our birthday celebrations. 

Friends from the vlogging scene, Kris and Jessica. These girls are gorgeous as they hilarous. A lethal combination if you ask me.

I have to thank Pixi Philippines for inviting me to their event and they even gave me Judy's Limited Edition palettes!! Review up ahead!! What did I do to deserve this??  😍😍😍😍😍

And my friends at Mommy Mundo who executed an awesome fantastic event. I was told that Judy never had an after party in all of her other events in the States! It was only here in the Philippines that she graciously indulged us that's why we all had a chance to get our Palettes autographed and to spend more time with her and her family.

What a day it was! One I'm immortalizing here on my blog.. 😊

Pixi X ItsJudyTime Launch was co-presented by PLDT, Vicks, SM Aura and Sponsored by McDonalds, Pampers, Girl Stuff, Havainas and Video Partner: Little Big Day by Jason Magbanua.

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