The NEW Zenutrients Looks Good in Black

When it comes to formulations, Zenutrients definitely has that on the mark. They've been around for sooooo long that we know that their products work, from their Tea Tree Hydrogel to their Gugo Shampoo and Conditioner that my relatives from abroad can't get enough of.

I've been seeing Zenutrients change the past year and it's been good! They established their premium line and now they dressed the rest of their products in a sleek black shade with their very familiar leaf logo in shiny verdant finish. It's pretty sleek if you ask me.

I love the wash of watercolor paint as background and the hand-written font they used for the star ingredient of each. While they kept the font simple on the actual product name and description. It matches well with their brand that is true to the basics of using only organic and natural ingredients. 

It feels more legit, on-trend and most of all, uniform! It having that hipster-vibe design makes it relatable to younger market who I think is now more discerning and makes a conscious effort to see what brands have to offer them.

I'm glad though is that Zenutrients never stops improving and they keep coming up with up with new ones. This makeover actually allowed me to take a look at the newer ones they are offering.

Moms can never go out without insect repellents but there's so little out there that I can stand the smell of, the feel, price and ingredients. So few that I trust but sadly most of them aren't easily available in stores. Of course Zenutrients Lavender and Eucalyptus Bug Repellant Balm solves this for me. So much so that I feel comfortable using it on Claud.

If you're looking for tougher and moisturizing kind of bug repellent, this is your best bet. It's not sticky and I haven't been bitten my mosquitoes since using this. I think it helps with the chicken skin on my legs, too.

One of the best discoveries I made with Zenutrients is their Strawberry Lip Butter. It smells and (and tastes!) so good! There are a million and one lip balms out there but I think you will hit the jackpot with this one. Especially now that it's in nice jar container that you recycle!

Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner
The hero products of Zenutrients. 

If you're suffering from falling hair, oily scalp or that you feel your hair needs reconditioning this shampoo and conditioner has proven itself many times over with its testimonials. My heart goes out to the Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo that removes dandruff during my post-pregnancy days. I swear by it!

Zenutrients All Around Spahhnitizer in Lavender is a crowd favorite. I love it, my friends love it. I'm sure you'll do, too!

There are not a lot of brands out there who prints out their expiry dates in fonts so big.

So if you still missed a few people on your list last Christmas, head over to Zenutrients and give some natural and organic skin-loving products to them.

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