Don't Miss Watsons' Big White Blowout

It's another year and another awesome offerings from Watsons Store, our favorite place to shop for our personal care products and other beauty needs.
I swear I never go out of one without a purchase. There's always something new! This time around, we are given another year to celebrate our love for whitening and lightening products. For 2017, Watsons' Big White Blowout will bring us awesome discounts and exciting deals the whole month of January to February. Every week there's something new to look forward in purchasing for lesser price!

Best-selling brands will participate for the Big White Blowout! Many of them are personal children like Kojie San, L'Oreal Revitalift, Skinwhite, Pond's and a whole lot more!

And what makes it sweeter, Watsons is giving a brand new iPhone 7 to SMAC rewards users! You are eligible for a chance to win this with every P500 purchase of items included in this promo. You'll be guided by the promotional stickers and posters all over Watsons. I already joined when I purchased Revia Hair Cream Dye just last week!

Blogger and Host Valerie Tan hosted the event. :) 

Other things that we learned that day along with Watsons' awesome BIG WHITE BLOWOUT are new products coming in from brands like Belo. They will be coming out a new spray moisturizer that has their signature Kojic and Tranexamic Acids to achieve a fair skin.

Selected Belo Intensive Whitening will be at 20% OFF on Jan. 29 to Feb. 2

Selected L'Oreal Revitalift products with be at 50% on Feb. 17-19

Endorser of COSMO glutathione Rufa Gutierrez was at the event to talk about the common skin problems and how COSMO loves them all. From dark spots, dull skin and even acne. 

COSMO SKIN SAVERS PACK   20% off January 5-25, 2017
ELITE COLLAGEN X30 BOTTLE  10% off  January 5-25, 2017
COSMOBODY CAP X 60 BOX 10% off  January 5-25, 2017

Kelly Misa and Lauren Young shared their discoveries along with their favorites. Perhaps you have something in common with them.

L'Oreal brand managers came to let us know that their best-selling Revitalift line will be on sale for 50% off!

So happy to spend my time with these two at the announcement of Watsons Big White Blockout!

Made this little flatlay I posted on Instagram. These are some of my top favorite whitening products.

Will update you soon with my skincare update!

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