My Contadina Supermarket Raid Experience

Where I'm at in my life is definitely more focused on my family and their needs. So excuse me and if I get a little excited when Contadina invited me to a Supermarket Raid. Not many of you know but I love doing groceries. It's my solace if not swatching lipsticks and eyeshadows. 

I've heard of Contadina products for awhile now and have seen them in my grocery aisles for a while. I got curious about it because one of my favorite chef, Nigella Lawson, endorses it. I thought I would get a chance to buy them during the Holidays but Contadina beat me to the chase and invited me instead to this instead.

We were tasked to shop for ingredients for our recipe using Contadina of course. I had to rely on my Filipino Spaghetti recipe for this because it's my family's favorite. Definitely picked up Contadina Spaghetti pasta and Olive Oil for this! Also brought our the Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti sauce and Sweet ketchup to give it that signature all-Pinoy taste.

This is me about to run and raid Robinsons Selections in Venice Piazza. The place is clean organized I had no problem looking for my recipes. I was done in 10 minutes!

Contadina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 136.20 | Contadina Pure Olive Oil, 132.3
The staples! 

I bought a few more ingredients for Claud's Mac 'n Cheese to which I've use Contadina's Penne Pasta. Can you believe that the Spaghetti is only P68?? The Napoletana Pasta Sauce is only 118 while the Penne is also P68.

I didn't realize I was missing a lot from Contadina! I'm so glad the groceries now have them now! By far they have the tastiest spaghetti I've eaten. Rowena is right when she told me that I could never overdone my spaghetti because it was al dente all through out! 

Did you know that Contadina sources their products from Italian and Sicillian families who have decades of experience making olive oil? You can even read about them on their website! Their tomato-based sauces are the best because they are one the newest member of the Del Monte family! And their pasta are sources using only the best wheat in the world. For the price, you can definitely have a Merry Christmas with Contadina. 

I admit that Pasta and sauces aren't that good but Contadina is pushing me to create more and do more for my family who loves it! I'm so glad to know they have several recipes available on so I can prepare new things for my family.

Another thing about this raid that made me happy was meeting and bonding with food enthusiast like Joey and Amber. I had so much fun talking to them about recipes, motherhood and life in general.

Thank you Contadina for this wonderful Supermarket Raid experience!

My next post will be my Contadina All-Pinoy Spaghetti! Watch out for it!

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