Get the 2017 BDJ Planners on October 16!

Who is excited for the new Belle De Jour 2017 Planners?

I am! I so am! I've been out of the loop for the past year of the BDJ progress and how many planners they now have! I can't believe that they have several available planners for different kinds of Bellas and Monsieurs. This year is extra special because it's BDJ's 11th year! And it got me thinking how old I already am since I remember getting my very first and that's the very first BDJ planner 11 years ago at National Bookstore! Oh the sweet memories we both had and what a simple uncomplicated life I lived back then.. I'm sure you can relate. LOL!

BDJ always hold big events whenever they launch their latest planners and 11th year is not exception. To be held this October 16 at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall is the Rise Above the Waves BDJ Fair. VIP tickets are only P200 and they get 5 awesome benefits!

  1. Attend two talks
  2. Get access to Special Activity booths
  3. Pay it Forward to young pregnant women in crisis
  4. Customise your own 2017 BDJ Planner for free
  5. Receive a special Loot Bag from containing awesome stuff from their partner brands.

I'm quite keen on getting two this year from this brand of planners. The leather bound BDJ Planner and the Focus Journal. Thought Everything is Possible Journal is also calling my name!

Here I am already envisioning how FOCUS I will be next year! Love the monthly checkup list to see how many I've already accomplished or if I just keep pushing back my to do's!

Another thing not to miss this coming weekend is to attend the many workshops. Two of which, we got to do just last weekend. The Ikagai Project by Darlyn Sandra TY, founder of BDJ; and Mandala Painting Workshop by Teacher Amos Manlangit.

You'll get to do relaxing mandala painting such as this! This is one zen way to spend an afternoon. Don't miss Teacher's Amos' workshops. Your mind will thank you for it!

And finally self-actualize by answering these important questions on your BDJ Planner.

But if you just want to drop by and get your new planner, shop away since it will be 10 or 20% off on October 16!

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