Save My Bag Philippines Collaborates with Manila's Finest Artists

One of the things that the new Creative Director for Save My Bag Philippines, Kiana Valenciano, shared during our little chat is that there a lot of artists in our country who gets more recognition in other countries. Many Filipino artists win awards and have many of their work commissions are in the fashion capitals of the world like New York, Milan and Paris! She wanted to showcase these artists in the Philippines. And shouldn't that be the case anyway?

Exactly why she collaborated with Daryl Feril, a Negros-based, award-winning illustrator. His works are known abroad specifically in Europe. He has artworks commissioned with Disney and LVMH! To create bespoke collection for Save My Bags. We can now have a personalised artwork by him simply by requesting whenever we purchase a Save My Bag. For about P2,000 and above, we can turn these glorious Italian bags to a work of art! And no two bags are alike!

In a world where individuality is celebrated, collaborations become even more powerful. Two heads after all is better than one! With the creative ideas of Kiana and the talent and years of expertise of Daryl, they were able to execute something beautiful for Save My Bag. Taking inspirations in nature, you will see burst of floral in Daryl's creative strokes using Acryclic on the hi-tech poly-lycra bags that are raved all over the world, creating different patterns, colors and creatures. 

This is only for a limited time, so I suggest you head over to SM Megamall and get yours now!

But if you want it plain and simple designs, Save my Bag has those, too! 

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