Salon Review | Rebonding Treatment at Creations Somerset Makati

As much as I love my thick mane, it's getting harder to maintain it. ike the rest of you, I want my hair easy to take care of. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for the past few months. It was so difficult to style it that I would just keep in a ponytail.. I was near becoming a "losyang mom"! Good thing I have honest and great friends who told me to go for a a hair makeover!

And where else to go but Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos!

I fell in love with the NEW Somerset branch of Creations by Lourd Ramos. As always, Lourd managed to transform his salon into a haven for beauty. The warm interiors, the wood finish, brick walls and rustic feel makes the salon homey. And there's nothing more that I love in Salon that one that makes me feel right at home. 

It's not a Creations salon without these fabulous artistic wall arts from Lourd's closest friend.

Creations soft warm vibe is a nice respite from Makati's tall concrete buildings and busy traffic.

An now we go to the service I had.

Feeling like an Asian Top Model, I left everything to Lenard's hand. I told him I need my hair to look like hair again and not a big black goop on top of my head. My hair has been a pain to deal with for months now and it's getting heavier by the minute. So Lenard decided that rebonding is the best course for me and to follow it up with Keratin treatment after a few months to not damage the hair.

I'm sure many of you knows already what Rebonding is but for those who don't, Rebonding is a hair straightening procedure. It uses a creambased solution that is spread on to the hair and left on depending on the need of the strands. It is then washed, flat ironed once or a few times. This activates the solution to smoothen and straighten the hair. Depending on the thickness or the condition of the hair, flat ironing may take one to as much as four passes. A neutralizer solution is then applied to complete the process. It's crucial for you not to move your head during this step as to not cause unnecessary dent on your hair. After 10-15 minutes, you're ready for rinsing and styling. That's it! Welcome a new, more manageable hair!

Lenard graciously added a haircut to this process to get rid of split-ends and to give me a cut better for my newly rebonded 'do.

Before and After Rebonding at Creations by Lourd Ramos at Somerset

Finish product!

The Rebonding session using Davines is the fastest rebonding session I've ever experienced. I came in at 11:30 in the morning and was done by 3 in the afternoon. It pays to come in early on Monday and to set an appointment to get your stylist and his assistant's full attention. 

This is not the first time though that I had my hair rebonded by Creations. The last time I did was five years ago at their very first Creations branch in Glorietta. Since they did a great job, it was only fitting that my next rebonding session was with them. I'm only too happy that Lenard was my stylist that day! Lenard has been with Creations for years and I have watched him grow and be one of the most sought after hair stylist in the country. As a matter of fact, Lenard won several awards in hair styling and have learned under master stylists here and abroad. In the 5 years I've known him, his craft just keeps on improving.

Case in point was during this time that he paid close attention to how the treatment was reacting to my already colored hair. He was so meticulous and aware of the time and checked on how my hair was reacting. I was not afterthought but rather he gave his full attention to my treatment, to which yielded one of the nicest results I've seen.

And what's great is that after 4 days when I got to shampoo my hair and condition, my hair looked more amazing and a lot more natural. Lenard didn't apply the rebonding solution to my roots so there was still volume to my hair.

I can't tell you enough how many compliments I've been getting since I had this process done. It only shows that I've neglected my hair for so long that it came to a point that my I can't consider it a crowning glory any longer. I'm just glad that rebonding is an option for a new mom like me. Since having this, I actually spend less time caring for my hair. I now only shampoo every other day. 

Thank you, Lenard

Me and Tara at Sample Room Party
What's more awesome is that my hair just keeps getting better and better sa the day goes by. My hair feels softer, it is incredibly more shinier (Mikki commented this! Thank you, girl!) and it's definitely more manageable. As a mom I need my haor to be fuss-free. No wonder most busy moms there have their hair in ponytails. It was the same way for me for quite a while. Now I have locks that's worthy of a shampoo-commercial! How great is that?

If you plan to do the same procedure for your hair (because I totally recommend it), please get them done at Creations by Lourd Ramos at Somerset, Makati. Look for Lenard.

My Rebond costs Php4,000. But depending on the length and condition of the hair, price may vary. It is better to consult with them first!

And oh! Creations Somerset currently have a Happy Hour Promo! Hair cut by Senior Stylist and a hair color for only Php1650.

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  1. Lenard's hair is nice!

  2. Love your rebonded hair, Shen! Now that it's been a few months since then, how do you find your hair? Is it still nice? I've heard with other salons, the rebonding effect only lasts one or two months and there's lots of hairfall, but I want to try Creations!


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