#IWANT | Tech21 EVO Endurance Charging Case and EVO Xplorer for iPhone

One of my favorite tech brands, Tech21, recently launched a brands-apansking-new cases with battery pack and a water-proof casing! And both are such a beauty!

Meet the EVO Endurance Charging Case for iPhone  6.

What to love about this new battery pack case?
  • Up to 60% charging! 
  • One touch button charges the phone
  • shock protection of up to 2 meters height
  • Non-flammable, No heat emission, Zero-leaking
  • Less bulky than other battery pack casing s- Ultra-light, thin and snug
  • Allows for access of all buttons
  • Only P4,650

We all know what a pain seeing seeing our battery life turn red, especially when we can practically do everything with our iPhone now. But carrying a separate pack can often be tedious. This is such a great choice for me! Can't believe it's also about 20% cheaper than other batter pack cases out there...

But if protection is your main priority, then you gotta check out the Tech 21 EVO Xplorer for iPhone. I can pretty much guarantee that Tech 21 provides one of the best shock-proof cases out there and I am loving this new one from them!

Finally! A waterproof, dirt proof and fool proof casing from this innovative brand! been waiting for this since I love the sleek design and the thinness of Tech 21 cases.

What to love about Tech 21 EVO Xplorer:

  • FlexSchock technology - 2m drop protection
  • Secureclip locking system - waterproof, dust-proof
  • Built in screen protection
  • Access to all button including touch ID.
  • Sleek design 
  • Ultimate protection from ANYTHING!

Ahhh! I'm not sure which one to choose!

You can get these awesome casings from Tech 21 only at Beyond The Box branches nationwide.

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