The SchoolRoom | Our Introduction to Progressive Pre-School

Claud and I got an invite to The SchoolRoom in Ortigas and it made me think how fast time flies! Wasn't it just a few months ago when she could barely walk and was clinging on to me like there's no tomorrow? She still does, but not when we're outside!

When we entered the doorway of The SchoolRoom, she zoomed past me! She quickly ran to the play gym area and soon found her way to one of the rooms where she spent the whole time playing with the educational toys.  She didn't even notice her dad and I went up to the second floor and left her with her yaya! Sniff!

Maybe it really is time to let her go and explore her new sense of independence. And we were likely in the right place to decide whether we should.

The Introduction

The SchoolRoom is newly renovated and improved! I like that the feel of the space. It's spacious, clean and very much inviting. If I am to base it solely on Claud's reception, I'd say we got a winner!

Looking at their programs, I immediately gravitated to their toddler offerings. Medyo mahal but considering that it's a progressive school to which they apply DAP or Developmentally Appropriate Practice, I was pretty much sold. DAP is heavy on research and studies on how a child develops effectively. Since I'm a graduate of Psychology and had units in Child Development, I was quite familiar with some of their practices and given i have done my own studies in Child Developmental Studies, I can say that these researches are legit! Naturally the ones they apply now are more recent and advanced than what I learned more than a decade ago.

The SchoolRoom focuses on early childhood learning and uses the best and most effect approach to guide and develop the skills of their students. Their programs includes Infant Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kinder. Currently, they offer Summer program for my children ages 2-7 years old. The SchoolRoom understands that basic learning skills is the foundation of every child to help them in their future.

One of the things that caught our attention is ther Summer SchoolRoom for Toddler program! It's a great way to introduce school to Claud who seems very interested right now to spend her time inside the classroom. Even in our short visit to The SchoolRoom, she showed so much love for the facility that she even cried when we were about to leave!

The Curriculum

What attracted me most in their Progressive Curriculum is the practice of exploration, experimentation and lots and lots of activity-based teachings through PLAYING. For my hyperactive toddler who learns fast through modelling and hands-on interactions, I was sold on this type of education for it allows her to try different things that can challenge her and make use of her overwhelming energy without the rigidity of a traditional setting. Right about now, my toddler is a sponge and absorbs almost everything but I also want her to be happy and unconstrained. At home, I try to fill her time with arts and crafts, sing and dance numbers and story-telling but it can get quite tedious. I know deep inside she yearns for more connections and will likely progress more with school mates.

During our visit, we noticed that one of the Dramatic Play Area had a barbecue station with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. One of the teachers explained that even their tools are based on seasons. Since it is Summer, it is likely that the children will see more outdoor activities through out of town vacations. They want the school to be an extension of the home and use it as a tool for learning and even in character development.

Circle Time with Teacher!

The Partnerships

Progressive learning integrates the community, the parents and child's surrounding. It is incredibly holistic and adaptive, not just something that only happens between 8 AM to 4 PM. It encourages the best way to study because every moment is an opportunity to learn.  So us parents are participants and not mere spectators to our children's development.

The Security and Safety of our Children

I certainly feel safe leaving my child here! The SchoolRoom immediately has that safe haven vibe that parents look for in a school. There are CCTV's all around and round the clock security. There are a good number of teachers and aides, including the receptionist and other personnel. Second floor is well-gated, too!

The Classrooms

Each classroom has different centers that will be used in activities for each program. There's an Art Center, Dramatic Play Area, Library, Circle Time Center, Manipulative Area (Claud's Favorite!) and Sensory Play Area.

Fun and colorful classrooms with lots of tools/toys to play with.

Summer Program is in session!

Second Floor Library

The second floor houses the library and another centers room which I was told will be converted to the Day Care Area. Yey!!

Art Center


Claud's into Manipulative right now! She can't get enough of it!

Learning how to do grocery at the Dramatic Play Area

Choosing a school for my child is such a daunting task. I really thought that I'd have a few more years to think about this. But now that she is turning two, I realize that I really must start on it! Right now, I am at a crossroads of seeing Claud as a baby that still needs me to protect and cuddle her but also seeing her as a growing individual eager to find independence whenever the mood strikes her. It's making me crazy and the husband acknowledges this! Thank God! We both decided that we should finally look into a program we could enroll Claud to that would help me encourage this eagerness to learn.

Parenting really is hard but when you see that tiny beautiful person grow right in front of you and start finding her way into the world with your help, you can't help but feel that joy in your heart. And not the joy you feel by shopping or reading a good book. This is ultimately a kind of exhilaration that is totally unique to a parent!

And oh! Another awesome bit of news! The SchoolRoom is finally opening a Day Care Center this JUNE 2016! Working parents with no yaya, Single Moms and just about anyone who needs help with caring for their children can now have a nice and safe place to leave their child.

I'm glad I got to visit The SchoolRoom! I know new parents like me have an endless list of things to worry about. But there are things out there that could make our lives easier and this is one of those!

If you want to know more about The SchoolRoom, please do visit their website All information are there including their Summer Programs, School Year programs.

Best of luck to all of us, new parents!! We can do this!! The SchoolRoom has a trial class this coming April 30!

The SchoolRoom
AIC Gold Tower (the side of Chef & Brewer's)
Unit 106 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig 1600. 
Contact information:
(02) 6327754

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