What's Dove Got To Do With It?

My mom used to be so brutal when it comes to my vanity problems. After burning my underarm using a DIY hot wax in my highschool days without, my underarm situation plummeted – or should I say, darkened – from there. Blame it on puberty and low self-esteem when my classmates would body shame me for still having underarm hair. My mom refused to have it shaven or waxed because she knew that I wouldn’t be able to take care of it properly. And boy was she right.

After that awful experience with a DIY hot wax, I succumbed to a deodorant that further darkened my skin and then I pushed for shaving it every week. Obviously, there was no returning from that skin damage. I was atat to get rid of underarm hair that it resulted to my underarm never making an appearance at all for the shame that people will call me out on it.

My mother knew better and I wish I listened.

But all hope is not lost. This shame is slowly ending and thanks to this beauty blogging thing, I was able to find a reasonable and affordable solution to lighten my underarm and prevent it from darkening. And what’s awesome is that I get to try these effective products for free through Sampleroom. This site is filled with products that can try for free! You just shoulder the shipping! Earn reward points for reviewing and sharing your experiences with fellow roomies.

But let’s go back to the one product I tried from SampleRoom. The Dove Deo Whitening Deodorant. I went to their event launch last month and I learned that ’m not the only one with this problem. To a lot of women, shaving is really the best option to get rid of underarm hair.

But did you know that 1/3 of your skin is actually removed with every shave? At first you’re just removing deadskin cells but with frequent shaving you are removing fresh new skin! Yikes! Obviously, running a blade through that skin will cause trauma. The skin will turn red, and could even bleed. As we all know, traumatic episodes like this done to our skin will cause darkening. Melanin production will increase to compensate with the loss of new skin and do a faster job at covering the wounded part. So science-y, right? But just think of your underarm skin as a more vulnerable and softer part of your arm that just got wounded. Tapos, we’ll apply a strong-scented deodorant that is sooo hard to remove we even have to use body scrubs! No wonder we get dark kili-kili we’re so ashamed of showing.

And the sad reality, we can’t say good-bye to our shavers. It’s the fastest, most efficient and painless way to remove unwanted hair! So paano na?

Since I’m a big big fan of Dove Beauty Bar and how it always helped me with skin irritation, thanks to it’s ¼ moisturizing ingredients, I gave the Dove deo a test run. I’ve used an older variant of their deo before and was happy with the odor control. But I want to see the effects of their whitening variant.

What I saw online about this new product actually made a lot of sense and why it was an effective skin whitener. Dove’s ¼ moisturizing ingredient is contained in every roll-on, aerosole and stick! When you shave your underarm and unknowingly cause trauma to it, the skin needs moisture to help heal it. When healing occurs, these awesome moisturizing ingredients shield the new skin from darkening. It’s that simple.

I’ve been using Dove deo for weeks and have lessened my shaving to once a week and saw significant results. After giving birth that made it sooo dark, I can see improvement. Not to mention that I use Dove Beauty Bar to cleanse it daily.

For times I go out the whole day I like the stick since I sweat quite a bit. I use the aerosol after I shaved my underarm so I don’t have to rub on anything can trigger itchiness (shaving does that, di ba?). I used the roll-on for when for short trips to the grocery or the mall. But yeah, I prefer the stick because of its awesome odor control.

Dove deo is definitely for women like me who almost gave up on their dark underarms. There is hope. But if you don’t take my word for it, go get a FREE sample at Sampleroom.ph. I’m sure you’ll be hoarding this once you’ve tried it!


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