#TBT | Sample Room's 2015 Tagaytay Summer BBQ Cookout

You can always count on Sample Room to have memorable intimate events for their loyal roomies. I really look forward to these events because of the personal touch they give in them and how welcome I feel in their midst. One of which is this one from the Summer Event they held last year, 2015. We headed to cool Tagaytay and spent all day frolicking under the sun at the spacious resort of Wilson's Place. The pool looks so inviting and I love the homey feel of the hotel.

It was the really perfect venue for the Sample Room Summer BBQ Cookout Party!

And what welcomed us is the cutest pink parasols from Belo Sunexpert! These UV umbrellas are made of special blend of fabrics that can block the sun more than a regular umbrella. It's pretty and strong, much like their sunscreen!

Cookout, baby!

Belo also had this new surfboard kits they prepared for us! How cute!

Bus time with the roomies! Kumi, Sarah, Ira and Trixie!

One the reasons I also love attending these gatherings is for the chance to bond with friends I've made in this world of beauty blogging. I was able to catch up with Kumi, Jess, Ira and Sarah during this event. We got to talk about other things other than beauty products and get to know each other better. :)

The one day we spent in this event allowed us to be the kikay we truly are with no judgment. Hehe! Nobody was rushing anybody to do their brows or blowdry their hair which is always a +++.

The event was so much fun that we played around with GoPro's underwater! We each took underwater photos! Ang kulet lang talaga namin! Lol!

Bu we pretty much just hang out, ate lots of good food, cooled off with refreshing drinks and ate some more. :)

And well, of course, we also did beauty-related things like try out products from the sponsors of the event!

Blocking the Sun with Belo SUNEXPERT Ultra Gentle sun spray

Has it been that long?? Nats was still preggy here! 😆

Nats did the styling here I think. Isn't she talented? Root beers are the best for sweltering hot Summer!

The table setting is so festive. I miss it so much! And look at these fancy goodies the sponsors gave us. :)

Thank you Sample Room and to your many sponsors! I really had an awesome time and I love reminscing it to this day!

Nekkid Manila Lipbalm and Lip Scrub tastes sooo yummy (because I eat my lipbalm! hahaha!) and it really gives soft lips worthy of Summer Night's Kiss. 
My Bug Repellant Salve from Zennutrients I use whenever I find myself having al fresco late night coffee with friends because the lamok is crazy during this time. 

The Atlas Towel is an essential whenever I travel. 
The SAC Eco bags are still a staple in my whenever I shop! These babies are crazy sturdy!
My Jean and Rosz shades and ring found a new home when my niece saw it in my stash because mas bagay daw sa kanya. Grr!
Orly Minis found its way to my goddaughters nails. Ang cute kasi!

And of course,

Belo SunExpert Face and Body sunscreen and Ultra Gentle sunspray kept my skin from tanning and protect me from long-term sun exposure. I love the light weight feel and still continue to use them to this day! Can't wait to see what they have next this Summer 2016

Oh, and thanks for the mason jar of yummy goodies! So thoughtful! I still have the jar at home. :)

And look, that Melissa sandals we got from your 2014 Summer event is still looking like new to this day!

Thank you sooo much, Sample Room! I'm lucky to be a part of your community! May you grow bigger so you can continue to help women decide which product is the best for them!

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