#ChampagneEveryday. Yes, please! | Weekend Brunch at Makati Diamond Residence

My husband and I celebrated our Anniversary two weeks ago at the newly launched Weekend Champagne Brunch at Alfred All-day Dining Restaurant, Makati Diamond Residences. A time spent with good company sumptuous food around us was the best way to start our Anniversary weekend. As part of the press, we got first dibs in filling our tummy with all the dishes that paired oh-so well with a glass (or two, or three. wink! wink!) of champagne. Everything is delicious! 

Next to Thai Dishes, I gravitate almost immediately to Paella's and Alfred's version of that, Bagnet Rice, had me going for seconds.. or was it third? I can't remember! And did I mention there was Conchinillo (slow-roasted pork)? I made lambing to the Chef and he gave me extra crisp crackling. Then I helped myself to more bacon-style bagnet! Lipotor is surely in my bright future. But during that brunch, we feasted!

There are more highlights to this event! I'm torturing myself writing this at the middle of night. Let's hope there's something in the fridge after I reminisce this brunch.

One of my favorites and one that my baby #CamillaClaudette enjoyed is the salmon, the grilled prawns and tender US Angus Rib-eye. Perfectly cooked and seasoned!

Another station that had me salivating was... the Raclette Station. Good Lord Jesus, I think one of the reason for living is cheese. It's my first time to eat the melting goodness of this cheese and I went to queso-heaven!

Where did the husband spent most of his time? At the Tapas station, enjoying Txanton's Spanish Jamons! Txanton is a speciality jamoneria that is first in the country and you can find them at Alfred every weekend! Feel like you're in Spain as the hot carver serves you a plate of hamon! No wonder there were a lot of women in that area of Alfred. And rejoice, these four jamons will always be available for you every weekend. 

And really, who could say no to unlimited Grower Champagnes that hit the sweet spot with every sip. This and cheese made it the best gastronomic experience for me this year!

But wait there's more! 

What's brunch without sweets? We tried the Bouchon and it's so good! My favorite though is the Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream. I can't get over how good the mix of tangy and vanilla sweetness. We ended the evening with a hot cup of capuccino and more chicka with Ava, Gersh and Paul.

There are things you don't want to end and this is one of those. I love the posh feel of Alfred but it wasn't so daunting because you feel right at home. Everyone was so nice and courteous! I can't wait to go back!

Bagnet Rice

Salad bar and starters | You have to try the macaroon liver patte! It's #TDF

Txanton Jamon. I prefer Iberico over the others. It's smoky and I tastes great with the champagne.

Hi there, bubbly!

When you see champagne glass, you know the day is going to go so well.
Ahhh! This is life!

Bouchon is a moist chocolate cake. The serving is just right because of the richness of this dessert.
Rhubard Crumble with Vanilla Ice. Can I take this home?
Coffee and Champagne.. yes, that's the way to start a weekend.

Weekend Champagne Brunch at Alfred Makati Diamond Residences starts at P850/Person!

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