Product Review | Trying the New Cetaphil Baby on #CamillaClaudette

Safe, gentle and and an effective moisturizer!

These are the three simple things I look for when I’m about to use a new line of baby care products on Claud. The second thing I do? I smell it! Bath time means bonding time for me. Claud may fight her way at beginning but in a matter of minutes, she’s waist deep playing with her bath toys while I shampoo her hair and make sure she’s cleansed from ear to toe.

My mission: To maintain her soft supple skin and maintain her baby bango smell!
Because a cute baby is not a cute baby if she doesn’t smell like a baby.  Am I right?

And I don’t always give her a bath. How can I be there when daddy takes over the bath time duties when mommy is so tired? Simple, make sure that Daddy uses only products that Mommy approves.

A Mother’s loving touch doesn’t have to end when she’s not holding her baby. If there is one thing I learned at being a mom, I can’t do everything myself. And sometimes, it’s okay to rely on other people to take care of your baby, too.

That same faith is what I gave to Cetaphil Baby when a basket of their products arrived at my doorstep. It’s the colder season and I noticed that Claud’s skin seemed drier than usual. I was eager to try something new and with Cetaphil’s Baby Line’s promise to provide all the moisture my baby’s skin will need? I was up to trying it out.

  • It says it’s Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free, Mineral-Free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.
    • Safe? Checked!
  • It is tear-free, soap-free
    • Gentle? Checked!
  • Cetaphil Baby contains Shea, Almond Oil and Vitamin E and known effective moisturizers.
    • Moisturizing? Checked!
  • Shea and Almond oil smells sooo amazing!
    • Smells nice? Checked!

Of course, I had to try it out first before I let Daddy use it on Claud. I’ve been using Cetaphil Baby for about a month and I got to say that my favorite is the Daily Lotion and Massage Oil. Both contain Shea that is truly an effective moisturizer.

The lotion is runny but it is spreadable against the small areas of Claud’s body. I prefer this type of consistency than the creamier ones for my child. Claud gets easily distracted when I’m dressing her so the faster I finish a task, the better. Moisture factor is as expected; you’ll definitely feel the difference after application and even after a few hours from it. Claud’s skin is softer to touch and I have no need to reapply again. What sealed the deal for me was the lasting scent! Combined with the sue of Shampoo and Body Wash, my baby smelled like a baby throughout the day. That’s a win for any work-at-home-mom.

Claud’s night time ritual is as important as mine. It’s when she’s easily coaxed to rest and so this is the best time to give her a mini massage. I’ve learned early on how invaluable this trick is so massage oil is something we don’t run out of at home. Cetaphil Baby is definitely becoming a favorite. I love the yummy shea scent that manages to be refreshing at the same time. And it is definitely keeping Claud’s skin moisturized these colder days. I love how the scent lingers until morning.

If you’re a new mom here’s a few tips that I recommend so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the products out there.

  1. You don’t need a lot of products! During infancy, you will only likely use a two-in-one shampoo and body wash, lotion and a massage oil. If you’re baby’s hair begin to thicken at the 4th or 5th month, you can grab a tear-free shampoo. And buy things along the way as you see fit or according to your lifestyle.
  2. Trust only brands that have great reputation! It may get expensive but I usually rely on Pedia and expert recommended products. This lessens skin reactions from trying different products.
  3. Most of these trusted brands are actually affordable. You don’t have to feel bad that you’re not getting the brand with the highest price tags. Don’t. Cetaphil Baby for example costs only about P270 or so a bottle! And that’s enough to last you for weeks if not months.
The importance of a #MothersLovingTouch is one of the things I remember most from my own mother as her caresses instantly made me feel good. Here I am practicing it on own child. That’s why I am only partnering with products that promotes the same. A simple yet so effective way to show her I love her and care for her.

Don't we all want to the same for all our children?

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