Crane Humidifier Helps Me Breathe

Do you know that feeling that you can hardly breathe? 

That's one of the worst if not the most difficult thing I've experienced in my life medically. Just last year, I was diagnosed with Adult Asthma. My Pulmonologist goes to explain to me that I already have asthma when I was born. It was just dormant. Kaloka, di ba? I didn't know that we can get asthma at this late an age. I did and it's been difficult. I hate nebulizing and I hated taking those meds, not to mention that it was expensive. So I decided to take on other ways to avoid having another attack again. One of which I'll share with you on this post.

What great timing when I received an invitation to Crane Humidifiers event at the posh L'Indochine in SM Megamall. I love this place a lot!

A humidifier is exactly now that I have asthma. Being a work-at-home-mom, I need to keep the air in our room less airdry that can trigger asthma attack. Since I can't turn it off during tag-init days, having this helps. And with the weather changing and the air dead inside our room, my lung can't keep up. Just now, with the air still cold our Crane Humidifier is the only thing that's keeping me at bay from an ampule of expensive asthma medicine. It's been a heaven sent to me and my family.

Crane Humidifiers, though, are not just for people like me who have asthma, they are essentially one of the things you must have at home if your aircon is always on. It helps purifies the air and control indoor pollutants. It helps with breathing problems brought on by colds and allergies, something we all experience. It provides moisture to the nasal passage way that is a lot safer and easier than using a regular saline solution or a steam bath. Since installing a humidifier at home, I noticed that I haven't touch my nebulizer once and that our colds heal much faster...

And one of the beauty benefit of having one of these is that it hydrates the skin especially for those who have eczema or psoriasis. This is awesome for babies since their skin are more prone to drying.

One more thing to love about Crane is their affordability! For moms like me who is on a tight budget, I thank Crane for pricing their products competitively. Generously even. Their home humidifiers ranges from 2,799.00 and to 3,499,75 only

Given the price range, it's well built and made from quality materials that can withstand longer hours of being plugged in. This one is hardworking humidifier. My cute Adorables Penguin sits atop my desk where I am usually at then I move it near our bed when we're ready for bed.

Another thing I appreciate is how easy it is to assemble. Fill it up with water, prop it down and turn it on. Maintenance is quick, too! Just a tablespoon or two with water and it's cleanses the humidifier. Some humidifiers I've seen at the mall seemed daunting and expensive that I worry too much about the maintenance. I'm glad Crane didn't make it too complicated for us, even our helper can easily operate it.

And you'd think that Humidifiers have to boring? Not true. Crane has found the cutest ways to give this seemingly ho-hum appliance a makeover! Now it can even be the centerpiece in our home. Well, it helps when it is decorated with all the wonderful things found at L'Indochine.

Crane also created travel humidifiers. It has a car adapter so you can also use them inside the car.

I chose this cute little peguin. You can rotate the head and direct where the air goes. During the event, @dtzrgza personalized our humidifier. Naturally, I had "Claud" written on it. 

Here's how you fill up the tank reservoir with water. Simply unscrew  the cap and fill it with water halfway. Place back the cap (make sure it's tightly closed) and prop it on top the panel. 

There is also a handle so you can easily pick it up. The hole right there is where the air comes out.
Another thing to note is the automatic off of all Crane Humidifiers. Once it detects that the reservoir doesn't have any water, it will automically stop. No need to wake up at the middle of the night to check up on this.

I'm so glad we have a Crane Humidifier now at home. It's been making life easier for asthmatic me and my family reaps the benefit or having purified and well-balanced air at home.

I'm sure you've spotted these already! But in case you haven't, Crane is exclusively sold at Rustan's, S&R, True Value, Toys R Us, Babyland, Lazada and directly from

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