Xeleb Popsters | Sarah Gernomino's Got Game!

I finally got to see Sarah Geronimo perform! Yes, I'm a closet Popsters! I love her in movies, in her shows on ASAP and I even have one of her first albums. So when I got an invite to see her in person for the launch of her lastest endeavor, a mobile game made exclusively for her and her legion of Posters fans, I said yes!

And boy is she truly genuinely talented!
And though I am not much of a gamer =, I went ahead and checked out her newest mobile game under Xeleb! Sarah joins Anne Curtis, Erwan Heusaff and Belle Daza in having a game created based on their interest and talent. I'm not surprise that game developers are tapping celebrities and social media influencers. With millions of fans who devour anything they put out there and the fact that they are constantly on their phones, it's only a matter time that this would happen!

And it did! Popsters all over the world can know enjoy a fun bubble-popping game that Sarah herself helped design. Sarah made sure that this game is easy enough but has loads of fun and colors. Popsters is a game that can be played by any age at any time. This game is exaclty one would need to keep them distracted from the horrendous traffic. It's not time-based so the player can take time to strategize the best course to pop all those bubbles,

There are many highlights in the game that all Popsters will love. One is that Sarah recorded a lot of sound bites for the game. You'll hear her voice welcoming you, cheering you on and tutoring you. Her favorite song will also be the background music playing throughout the game.

Here's a video I took with Sarah sharing how happy and proud she is with this new game. I also was able to record her singing the hit song, Lean On! She's amazing!

Xeleb Popsters is addicting! And the best part of it is that the more I play and win, the greater my chance to win real prizes like meeting Sarah, gift items and more! We were told that they could be giving gadgets away! Wow!

Unlock prizes and gifts and get a chance to meet Sarah herself!

Download Xeleb Popsters here:

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