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Finally, a beauty post! Sorry that I'm wearing my mommy blogger far too often now. I promise to resume being a beauty blogger role stat! I really do have soo much in store for you! I'll make it up to you, I swear it! Let's proceed, shall we?

It's just me but I consider a brand worth paying attention to when they come out with impressive face products. Colors are fun but it's the face base that are the toughest to perfect. I would like to think that a brand and its people did a great deal of testing and research. And not put anything out there haphazardly done when it comes to their foundation and face powders because they know their color products like lipsticks and shadows are going to carry them. When you want to do something, you might as well pour all your heart and soul in it, right?

That's why on the top of must-try lists from the Pink Sugar line are their BB cream, concealer and face powder.
During the launch, I talked to one of Pink Sugar's foundera, Laveen Mirpuri, and he shared how he was particularly proud of their BB Cream and face powder. He himself have tested them over and over with different kinds of formulations to get to right one that suits Filipinas truly. A man trying out BB Creams? Now that's dedication to the brand!

Laveen was also happy with the feedback about the shade Natural Ochre of their Dual Finish Face Powder has been getting as it's described to be the perfect shade for Pinays. "Filipinas has a good blend of warm and cool undertones. Not just plain yellow like so many believed. With the Natural Ochre shade, Pink Sugar addressed that need many brands can't." Laveen shared. And guess what, Natural Ochre is MY shade!

So Pink Sugar's BB Cream, concealer and face powder  live up to my expectations?

Here are photos of my step-by-step usage of Pink Sugar's Face products.
Now before you react on how light the BB Cream is on me, note that I have acidic skin tone. During their launch, we got a chance to try out all the shades and this one suits me the best as was recommended by their sales associate.

Pink Sugar It's Awesome BB Cream in Light Warm, P499
(for fair-medium fair skin with yellow undertones)

Pink Sugar's It's Awesome BB Cream is quite a revelation. It made rethink my love affair with this type of face base and I think this is the brand that I may go all the way with (wink! wink!). Why? It's the right consistency of liquid-to-cream and it dries to a beautiful matte canvass. Compared to other BB Creams that provided with the dewy effect that never worked for my skintype, Pink Suga gave me what I wanted all along, a feeling of hydrated skin, with great coverage and matte finish.

I just used my fingers to blend the BB Cream and it gave me a smoother finish. A little goes a long way so about 2 pea size will do to cover the whole face.

Coverage: A+ (mefium to full)
Lasting Power: A (combination to oily skin)
Finish: A+ (matte!)

This is an awesome BB Cream for girls with oily skin, large pores and uneven skintone. The finish is natural but covers dark undereye circles, blemishes and dark spots. It has SPF 35 which a major Plus for me. Packaging is awesome, though I hope they would provide the shade name on the tube itself and not on the cap.

Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret in Light Medium, P299
(has yellow undertone for fair to medium fair skintone)

It sure looks like Pink Sugar concealer, Our Lil' Secret is a keeper! It has a creamy consistency that dries to a matte finish. I would suggest you use this first before the BB cream because the coverage is the bomb you may not need to do a full coveerage with your bb cream or foundation. Or you may want to skip the face base altogether and just set it with a face powder. Blend it quickly though, as this concealer sets pretty fast.

Coverage: A++
Lasting Power: A+
Finish: A+ (matte)

Tip: This concealer stays in place that you can use this as an eyelid primer, too. Yup! That's how effective this concealer is.

Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder in Natural Ochre, P499
(for medium fair to medium skintones)

This is love! Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder rivals two of the most frequent high-end brands I am using right now in rotation. The finish is just spectacularly good! The powder is very fine and feels luxuriously soft against the skin. The puff that comes with it transfers well that you don't feel you're wasting a lot of products. You'll know what i'm talking about once you got a chance to try them out at their counters in Watsons.

Coverage: A+
Lasting Power: A+
Finish: A++

Seriously, I am floored with the finish of Pink Sugar's face products are. Still can't believe that each product is under P500! Where can you find face products now that works and won't cause an arm and a leg? I've always been partial to high end products when it comes to my face powder and foundation. Even my concealer costs the total of these three products! But I gotta say that Pink Sugar has given them a run for their money.

And with that, it just made me excited to try out more of what Pink Sugar has in their collection. I'll do the blushes next!

So if you'll ask me if I'm going to buy these trio again. It's a definite yes! I love Pink Sugar's It's Awesome BB Cream, Our Lil' Secret Concealer and their Dual Finish Powder! When used all together, the finish is natural, flawless and matte. Three things I require for a good face base. Applying blush, contour and highlight was easy with the smooth canvas these three products gave to my face.

The result was so nice that my friend, +Nikki Tiu, commented on how good my skin look. Not that she's stingy with compliments but this girl is honest enough to give me a critique when I need it. This time though, she was generous with her compliments to my FOTD. Thanks, Nikki!

Oh! Pink Sugar is now available now at

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