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Avon knows how to party and every time they launch another collection, I look forward to going to their events that I don't mind braving Metro Manila rush hour traffic. And the launch of their newest fragrance lived up to my high expectations! We entered the posh ballroom of Discovery Primea and we were ushered inside a boudoir to which we were asked to put on a silk robe and feathered slippers and at the event were low table with beanbags, cocktails and a bed! It was a slumber party!

Avon usually holds an event fit for a hundred or so people. This time I was surprised that there were only a few tables at the event. Naturally, I felt special being one of the guests of this intimate launch. 

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Sheer Passion is the newest babies to the growing number of Avon's fragrance. This is a fragrance mist collection, a kind of fragrance that is favored by most women for its light scents and affordability. It is most often preferred for daytime and everyday use especially for the busy women who prefers to use their perfume collections for everyday use.

One of the lure of fragrance mists are the chance to play with different scents. It being light, it's an entryway to try new exciting aromas. And I think Avon just invited us to play at bit with their Sheer Passion Fragrance Mists collection.

The event was hosted by DJ Cerah Hernandez who put us in the mood for the slumber party that Avon had in store for use that evening. She promised us lots of exciting things that will unravel. She invited us to enjoy the spread prepared for us, especially thedrink especially concocted and inspired by the new Sheer Passion Fragrace Mists.

Avon's PR and Communication's officer, Faith Fernandez, proceeded to talk about Avon Sheer Passion and it's role in inviting women to get to know themselves better. She shares that this collection is exactly for the modern Filipina women. She continued that women today are not afraid to take risks , to take on roles that are not the norm and still maintain that sense of femininity and joviality. Sheer Passion is the best partner to that kind of character and there is fragrance to match whatever mood the new Filipina has!

Naturally, Avon partners their collection with new ambassador and I have to say they couldn't have chosen a better one than Jessy Mendiola. This young actress I learned from the short time we spent with her during this event is such a bubbly, cheery person. This woman has nothing but smiles! Her youthfulness is undeniable as she was interviewed by Cerah. And yet, there is the blossoming woman, slightly provocative and sexy with all the intelligence in her every answer. She's exactly what Sheer Passion is. That every woman has a spectrum of facets, only the best men can find out each and everyone of them.

But the night was not just about Jessy. She wanted to include us as well so she prepared a game for us that tells us what scent from the Sheer Passion matches our character. Cerah proceed to ask us situational questions and gave us 3 answers to choose from. All of which Jessy reenacted! And this girl got the skills!

I really am a fan of Jessy. I watched her movie, The Trial, and what made me like her is the fact that she's so good in it, I forgot that she was Jessy Mendiola there. She got into the character really well. Her portrayal of damsel in distress was truly remarkable. I had to ask her if she's coming out with a similar movie and she told me she was! Can't wait to see that one!

No wonder she's the woman for the Avon Sheer Passion collection.

Want to know more about each fragrance?

Sheer Passion Very Captivating
Tickle your sensuality once again. Sheer Passion Very Captivating is full of femininity. It is embraced by a modern interpretation of a floral aldehydic accord, blended with luxurious and refined flowers and delicate touch of velvety fruity rested on a sensual, radiant, and creamy oriental base.

Sheer Passion So Aluring

Get fascinated with a magnificent floral and oriental charm. At the top of Sheer Passion So Alluring, a mix of fruits brings the contrast between the fresh sweetness of the Persian lime and the juicy freshness of the Mandarin, Velvety peach and feminine delicacy at the middle.

Sheer Passion Simply Tempting
Tease your senses with the mists of sparkling caja, mango blossom, and blond wood.  Sheer Passion Simply Tempting opens with a very citrusy explosive top note. The body is floral fresh, airy and light and it conveys the top freshness into the heart of the fragrance. The dry down accord brings softness.

My favorite has got to be Simply Tempting as I gravitate more to citrusy scents. So Alluring comes a close second for the fruity notes. I can't wait to start using them this week as may event fragrances!

These are now available through your Avon Ladies. :)
Don't have an Avon lady? Find one at their website, www.avoncompany.com.

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