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Everyday I see more and more products out in the market that addresses the specific needs of men and women. But when you see a household brand take a step further to create two new products that aims to help the two major skin problems, then I know I just have to try it for myself.

Sampleroom made it easier for me to try it first by sampling off tubes of the NEW Safeguard Dermasense line. Dermasense under the trusted brand, Safeguard, came out twith two products: Ace Prone Skin Face and Body Wash and Sensitive Skin Face and Body Wash. These also comes in bar variants but this post will focus more on the liquid-cream version.

Derma Sense Acne Prone Skin

If you know me well enough, then you know that I immediately tried the Safeguard Dermasense Acne Prone Skin Face & Body Wash the moment Sample Room delivered it at my doorstep, being the acne-prone girl that I am, I stand up like a lemur cat whenever I see a product that aims to target acne-prone skin

First thought is that is does not lather! I was really surprised to see that this product is unlike the famous bar soaps of Safeguard that lathers til kingdom come! It took awhile for me to get use to it since I really do prefer my cleansers with suds. Next thoughts, was also surprising. MY skin feels cool as I continuously work the product on to my skin, cleansing off the dirt, grime and makeup residue of the day. My skin was left feeling smooth and fresh after. And even if I haven't been using it for 8 weeks, I noticed signifact clearance on my skin. Though I have to warn you that my other skin care regimen is strictly to combat acne,

Why did I try Derma Sense for Acne-Prone Skin? Well, more than that Safeguard has been my family's no. 1 choice for family soap, I felt that this product has promised as it contains Salicylic Acid which we all know is known acne treatment. And in case you don't, it's anti-bacterial, heals acne and dries them up quickly and provides slight exfoliation to renew the skin that actually helps to reudce clogging of pores.

What got my attention is that Derma Sense has a technology called, Zone of Inhibition or ZOI, wherein they included an ingredient that has anti-microbial that fights acne and actually defends the skin from acne-causing germs and dirt. Well, Safeguard is known for a being the no. 1 germ protection soap in the country so no surprise that this technology was further enhance to benefit those that wants to specifically address acne.

I used this for two months, on & off, and already I saw significant change in my skin. I had lesser acne bumps. Blackheads and Whiteheads also reduced to about about 40%. Another thing to note is that this cleanser is not overly drying. A good sign that this will suit even those with delicate skin, especially teenagers or pre-teens battling puberty acne.

Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin

Think of the New Safeguard Derma Sense like the gentlest liquid facial soap your derma asked you to purchase when you get heat rash, burn, allergic reactions and even atopic dermatitis but definitely more affordable. I wasn't able to use this for my face since I concentrated with the Acne-Prone variant for that, but this I used as a body wash when I started getting "butlig"on my arms during Summer. And with just a few days of using, I saw my skin softening.

It's fragrance free and suds-free, two signs that you are using a mild cleanser that will suit even the most sensitive skin in your family as its void of sulfates that are actually harmful to the skin. This reminds me of Cetaphil a lot. 

Safeguard Dermasense Ace-Prone Skin and Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansers

Overall, I think this is an affordable range that most people would appreciate. Especially for moms who have pre-pubescent young ones at home who are battling acne. Unless your acne or sensitive skin doesn't warrant a visit to a dermatologist or specialist, then you can safely say that these products may very well work for you. Safeguard Derma Sense line are worthy of a picky person with a tight purse strings. Safeguard Derma Sense price starts at 199! Awesome right?

Another good thing is that Safeguard Derma Sense comes in both Face and Bodywash variants which makes it a complete treatment for those with sensitive skin, both body and face and those with facial as well as back acne.

Find out more about Safeguard Derma Sense, visit their website.

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