Achieve the #NoMakeup Look with Pond's and Happy Skin

Wondering what makes a great no makeup makeup look?

During a beauty workshop hosted by Pond's Philippines at SM Makati, I learned a lot from the three of the Metro's top beauty experts on how to achieve this timeless look.

Agoo Bengzon, beauty editor and an all-around beauty maven shared that it's no makeup look will forever be a stable choice of top fashion designers. It's the best look for any kind of trends and one that is remain classic and elegant. By mastering the No Makeup Look, you're sure to look good all the time, any time.

But a No Makeup Look's foundation is always great skin. Skincare expert, Criselda Rescrober, shares that a good skin care regimen that one follows religiously can help improve the state of the skin. It's important to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated by using a product that doesn't dry out the skin and to drink lots of fluids. Protecting it fom the sun is also vitaly important to avoid premature aging as well at eating healthy greend and fruits along with a daily exercise to reduce the body's toxins.

The No Makeup look trend is easily achievable when you have clear skin, free of blemishes and dark spots. And with a help of a great skin care regimen and a tad few makeup products, you're on your way to looking like a Pond's Girl, too!

Top picks of most Pond's girls are the Pond's White Beauty Oxygenated Gel with Pearl Essense wash that rids of skin's excess makeup residue, dirt and grime and slowly reveal clearer and fairer skin with the dryness. To moisturize, the Pond's Rose Gel moisturizer is a holy grail equivalent. It keeps the skin hydrated, protected from harsh element making it more supple and dewy. To keep the skin looking even is the Pond's Flawless White BB Cream that has SPF to prtect the skin from the sun and it's harsh UVA and UVB rays and create a flawless canvass.

Jigs Mayuga, makeup artist to the brightest stars and Pond's Girls, shared a few tips on achieving that No Makeup Look using the Limited Edition #NoMakeupLook Shut up and Kiss Moisturizing Lippie that Pond's Philippines commissioned from Happy Skin! It's the highlight of the evening as Pond's launched this promo to everyone during the workshop. He said that lips are often overlooked. Just like the face, lips need to be cared for and he recommends one that has moisturizing properties like Happy Skin Shut-Up and Kiss Me moisturizing lippie. This look also calls for a subtle pink that compliments the skintone and the #NoMakeupLook shade is exactly that.

That makes Happy Skin was the perfect partner in creating this perfect sahde for the No Makeuip Look. With its owner, being Pond's Girls themselves, Rissa and Jacqe, created a shade in collaboration with Pond's Philippines that will compliment all Filipinas! This shade is the nicest mid-tone pink that goes on smooth and matches the fairest to the most golden of skintones. This is the kind of lip color anyone can wear! The mini version makes it easier to lug around with you even inside the smallest makeup kits! And it's the Happy Skin lippie that will only be exclusively available to Pond's as a FREE GIFT! A LIMITED EDITION at that!

LE Happy Skin & Pond's Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in No Makeup Look | Pond's Exclusive

Yes! You read that right. You can get this lippie for free when you purchase the Pond's Flawless White No Makeup Look regimen.

So with the right Pond's Flawless White products, a little bit of BB Cream, some color and accents and you can achieve the perfect #NoMakeupLook!

Find out more about Pond's #NoMakeupLook, visit their facebook page.

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