The Makeup Look: Contour it like Kim K

Out of all the famous celebrity makeup looks out there, its Kim K’s that always got me enthralled. She always manages to wow us with her over-the-top makeup techniques that really work. And because of her, I think that Filipinas started to appreciate having gorgeous golden skin tone knowing that even with makeup, it’s all about loving your own skin.

Contouring is where Kim K got it on point and once you do master this makeup technique, you’re well on your way to looking like her (but still you!). I promise!

This post is a lengthy one so get your pen and paper ready, it’s makeup lesson time!

Contouring and highlighting are basically playing with light and shadow. Apply contour to the parts of your face that you want to create a shadow on and highlight by applying a lighter shade on where the sun naturally hits your skin.  Contouring and highlighting is also a good way of sculpting your face to make it appear slightly slimmer. It’s an instant facelift without the expensive bills and going under the knife.

No need to spend on expensive contouring kits if you have a foundation or concealer lying around that you don’t use (make sure it’s not yet expired!) because they are either too dark or too light. By all means, bring them out. You can use them as makeup base to define/contour your face.
My trick is simple when it comes to contour: I just need to make sure my face is in a U-shape. This is the ideal face shape that most makeup artists follow. 

Here some few easy steps to follow:

1.       Determine your face shape.
This tells you where to contour and highlight. Most Fiipinas have round faces like I am so you can simply follow the rest of the tutorial below.

2.       Do your base contour and highlight.

Contour: (with a concealer or foundation two shades darker than your skin tone)
·         sides of my face
·         jaw line
·         hollow parts of the cheeks bones and forehead
·         around the hairline
·         sides of my nose to make it appear slimmer
Highlight: (with a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone)
·         bridge of my nose
·         under the eyes
·         center of my forehead

Then with a foundation that is the exact shade of your skin, blend everything together starting from the lightest to the darkest for an even application.

Great results, right? You're not completely changing your face but just giving it the right dimension especially when the lightning where you are is less than flattering.

3.       Do the brows.

I prefer using a waxed based eyebrow pencil - waxed based so my brow hairs will always stay in place. And then I fill them in with brow mascara for dimension.

TIP: If your hair is dark, your brows should be 2 shades lighter than your hair color; if your hair is light (especially on the blonde side), your brows should be 2 shades darker. 

4.       Define your eyes.

Use satin or matte textured shadows in neutral shades; satin for evening events and mattes for daytime. Kim K hardly strays from shades of blacks and browns as they look more natural especially on photographs. 

Doing that perfect winged liner takes a lot of practice and patience.

Tip: Slightly tug the ends of your eyes when for straighter and more fluid application. While it helps to gently press down the skin when applying the eyeliner your lower lash line.

5.       Redefine your contour using a matte bronzer.

Simply follow the same of the base contour and swipe that bronzer on. This always helps in making your contour lasts longer.

6.       Add some flush.

When choosing a blush for this look, go for a peach pink combination to complement your skin tone.

7.       Highlight it up!

When highlighting, I prefer to apply and blend them using my fingers. This helps breakdown the pigments better for a healthier looking glow.

8.       Lip service time!
A look like this is paired well with natural looking lips, so opt for a nude matte shade and top it off with a nude gloss with lilac undertone.

9.       Do the lashes last.

To avoid fallouts on your lashes, curl your lashes last and then apply your mascara. Do two or three coating for fuller looking lashes. This will surely enhance your makeup look and make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

And for the finished look… Viola! Contouring ala Kim Kardashian!

When you have a look as smashing as this, your nails don’t have to be flamboyant. Rather, they’d look much better bare, healthy, and clean. So to keep them healthy, I eat right and avoid prolonged use of nail polishes and apply Locycare Nail Gel daily. It’s a serum for your nails that has loads of nutrients to revive the nails beds. I’ve been using mine for months now and loving the result! People often comment on how nice my French tips are and imagine how surprised they were when I tell them my nails are bare, polish-free!

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