Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall | Product Review

Having long thick hair is both a blessing and curse for me. Blessing because there's so much i can do with my hair. Especially now that volume is the way too go with hair trends. But is can hard to manage most of the time so I end of putting it ina pony all the time. During Summer this year when the weather turned especially hot, I hated the feel of the sticky hair and sweat against my nape. Sadly though, this made me suffer bad hair fall. Yes, even thick-maned ladies like me have problems with hair fall. Big time, actually. Hindi lang halata.

And my regular shampoo wasn't helping a bit as it was quite strong for my hair strands. When Sampleroom featured Palmolive Natural Anti-Hair Fall, I was one of the women who clamored for the chance to try. As a partner blogger, I got the Palmolive Natural Anti-Hair Fall in fancy packaging that turns in a mini vanity with a few mini gifts from the Palmolive and Sampleroom team. The package consists of hair tools that are quite the familiar culprit of why I was getting a lot of hair fall. Thin comb, bobby pins, ponytail, bands, etc.

The next day, I used it and I immediately liked the scent. It reminded me a lot of TIGI Bed Hair Shampoo and Conditioner range, even the texture of it. Palmolive Natural Anti-Hair Fall smells fruity but not enough that I would think of it as a baby or toddler shampoo. The scents clings to the hair for quite a while, too. Great for when you are usually exposed to the sun and sweat as it will dissuade bad odors from this kind of environment. Especially for the young adults and even high school students who often hve no time to style their hair and would keep in on frequent ponytails and buns.

As for the efficacy on preventing hair fall, I can safely report that it has reduced mine to about 40%. After bathing, there isn't as much breakage that i can gather from my fingers and it's noticably easier to run through. More manageable as well when styling it. It must have something to do with the Keratin complex infused along with the Ginseng Extracts.

The shampoo and conditioner both don't feel too heavy compared to other mass-marketed hair care products either which makes me feel safe using it everyday. Palmolive Naturals is probably of the lightest hair care products I've tried that is less than 200 per bottle. It's an affordable and effective option for girls like who loves their super voluminous hair!

I now have more appreciation for my thick hair and the volume of it provides me more room to play around with. I can curl, style in chignon or up do. And to not worry about hair fall. The sky is literally the limit.

No wonder the pretty Liza Soberano uses this set herself and endorses it. :) If you're looking for a shampoo and conditioner set that doesn't break the bank and reduces your hair fall up to 13x, better get your hand on the new Palmolive Natural Hair Fall.

Verdict? I will definitely get myself another set on my next grocery visit!

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