Makeup Haul from #BeautyMNL

I've been feeling really low the past few weeks so naturally, a retail therapy was in order! I noticed that bloggers I'm friends with has been shopping online left and right. And most of them are getting their makeup fix from

So I took myself there using my mobile phone and started browsing.
Things have change since websites started to create mobile-friendly versions. It became a lot more convenient to shop and with my free data with SMART, traffic has become bearable because I practically do everything on my #SmartIphone6plus now.

BeautyMNL has one shiny and chic mobile-friendly website. They made it appealing for shoppers like me. It's got a sleek, minimalist look. All the colors you'll see are of the products.  I love the black and white theme that provides the best spotlight for all their products. I love clean, minimalist web layouts, so got a 5 stars from me on that regard.

Another thing that got me spending a good amount of time on the site is their Bloom magazine which got tons of beauty articles written by beauty gurus that I love and look up to. Some of them are even close friends like Shari of The Misty Mom and Liz of Project Vanity.

BeautyMNL also has a wide selection of
top brands. Not your run-of-the-mill beauty brands but what they have are for serious beauty addicts and enthusiasts. From high-end like Chanel to drugstore faves like Maybelline. And even up to cult faves like Ysabel's Daughter and brands that are not even available here in the Philippines, Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Menow.

Choosing what to get was quite easy... well, nope, not really. I spent a good amount of time choosing what to get. With a baby, this momma can't afford to splurge like when she was single! With sooo much good stuff available on BeautyMNL, it was sooo hard to choose!

Payment is something to consider when online shopping. BeautyMNL provides a lot of payment methods to choose, one of which is my favorite: Cash on Delivery. This is for paranoid little 'ol me. But I'm glad that they do have Credit Card, Paypal and Bank Deposit for y'all who prefer these types of avenues.

So after hours and hours of browsing, reading reviews and checking the articles on Bloom, what did I up getting? It's definitely worth splurging on, My all time favorite blush, NARS Orgasm. And to try something new I grabbed the cult favorite bronzer/countour, NARS Laguna.

It took around a few days and til about 12 midnight to decide what to get. So imagine my surprise when I got these two even before I was out of bed! Well, to be fair, I get up at 10 am. But still! The fact I hardly waited for my purchases was just awesome! Instant retail therapy with just a few clicks with my fingers.

Suffice to say that I enjoyed everything about If all the online shops in the Philippines are as efficient as they are, I doubt people will leave their homes. With the awful awful Manila traffic anyway, we're be better off staying at home with our loved one, buying everything we need online and spending time together.

Am I right or am I right?

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Online Shop Rating: 

Website: 5/5
Brand Selections: 5/5
Delivery: 5/5 
Payment Methods: 5/5 is definitely on top of my recommended sites to get your makeup products.

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