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When you see a skin care brand that is older than you are, you can bet that it's doing a great job at making their users very happy. Along with the feeling of nostalgia every single time I hold a bottle of any Olay product, I feel some sort of satisfaction that this brand is now creating products that addresses my concerns! Slowly but surely, the brand is creating more space for the needs of my generations while using only the top technology.

And that, ladies, makes us into our #BestBeautiful self!

When I got my kit of Olay Total EffectsKit from Sample Room, I was drawn to the Pore Minimising Toner (Php849.00). The sleek bottle was just too posh not to give extra attention to. It doesn't smell like a toner at all and it feels great against my skin. Not drying at all, thank God! Although i think my pore needs stronger intervention, I did notice a slight
improvement on my skin. It also naturally removes excess dirt and makeup that are leftover from my initial cleansing. Instantly, my skin felt instantly refreshed, smooth and supple. It contains menthol so there's that definite feel of coolness and it has high content of niacinamide that helps lighten and hydrate the skin. I use this twice a day for a more effective cleansing of the skin and to lessen the appearance of my pores.

For a toner you can easily grab from shelf, this one definitely feels luxe.

Many call this their holy grail cream and I've seen the big sister bottle of this many times over in my mom's vanity. She loved this stuff. Trying it out myself for the first time, I now understand why she loved Olay Total Effects Day Cream (Php389 20g; Php789 50g). It really feels moisturizing and yet it doesn't settle on top of the skin. It's actually well absorbed on to the skin and it makes for a great makeup base even. It smells nice, too! It's loaded with sun screen protection and filled with skin moisturizing ingredients that your skin needs for the whole day. The VitaNiacin formula allows for a better result in combating the 7 signs of aging!

I'm sure this part of the reason why people has been telling me I'm blooming lately. That and my awesome makeup skills. LOL! And don't you just love the pump bottle? It gives just the right amount product for each use.

So what do you look for an awesome moisturizing day cream? Here's my list:

  1. SPF please! Olay Total Effects has SPF 15, enough to get you through commute and the dya spent inside your office.
  2. Moisturizes the skin well - Olay Total Effects provides me the necessary moisture my skin needs.
  3. Doesn't feel sticky, icky at all - Olay Total Effects has a consistency that is easily absorbed by the skin.
  4. Gives mutiple benefits! Olay Totals Effects Day Cream doesn't only have dual purpose, it fights 7 signs of aging!
    • Fights fine lines and wrinkles 
    • Reduces appearance of blotches and dark spots 
    • Moisturises dry and rough skin 
    • Makes dark skin visibly fairer 
    • Improves surface dullness for radiant and glowing skin 
    • Minimises appearance of pores 
    • Makes skin texture visibly firmer

So I guess in no time, we'll be removing candles from our birthday cake because we won't look our age with Total Effects!

To be honest, I'm not a night cream kind of gal. Never been and probably never will be until I turn 50 when my adult acne stops. Hopefully. During at night, I prefer to use an acne regimen that is more match for my skincare needs. I apply that Olay Total Effect Anti-ageing Night Cream (Php789) on certain areas of my face that needs attention.

  • corner of my eyes
  • a bit on the forehead
  • smile lines
  • temples

Total Effect Anti-ageing Night Cream contains Isohexadecane which is a powerful ingredient in preventing fine lines and wrinkles. I top this off at the very last part of my regimen to seal in all my skin care and to help reduce premature aging while I sleep. After all, the best time to allow a product to do its job is when we're asleep. So pack it in and help your skin rejuvenate along with the rest of your body during snooze time!

A great addition to this whole line is definitely the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimising CC Cream with Suncreen. During hot humid days, I skip my Total Effects Day Cream and move to this one since it has a light coverage that reduces the dullness of my skin. Sadly though, I would have preferred it to have more tint and more staying power. For those ho have really good skin, free from marks and all, this is an awesome product! But for me who has quite a few pimple marks to cover, i would still need my full coverage foundation.

Think of Olay Total Effects Pore Minimising CC Cream with Suncreen as a makeup base, A good one at that since it really reduces the look of pores with it's without having to settle on to the pores harshly like some primers.It feels extremely light on the skin, too, so that a major plus for me who have an oily skin. 

I use a mixture of Light and Medium. I use light for under eye nose bridge and cheeks. Medium for the rest of my face.

Overall, I love the Olay Pore Minimising Toner and the Olay Day Cream with SPF 15. These two provides immediate effects and you can instantly feel it upon application. But I do love the line in its entirety as an all around anti-aging. With a price range of P499 to P789 per product, these are definitely a great buy especially for those who are already clamoring to prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles. If your in your late 30's with a mid-range budget, this is the skincare you should get!

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