Told My Husband He Can't Watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight #SugodManny

I just have to share this story to you guys. It's a conversation between me and my husband.

You see, he thought that I'm not up to date with the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Flloyd Mayweather fight. I wouldn't blame him because I am really not into boxing or any kind of sports at that. I am 100% sure he thinks my brain is only filled with baby, breastfeeding, crime shows and of course, beauty products! Well, he's half right! hahaha!

Our conversation:

Husband: Babe, whatever plans we have on May 3, cancel it.
Me: Why? (pretending I didn't know anything. ha! )
Husband: Di ba, laban ni Manny Pacquiao at Mayweather?

Me: But, babe! Yun ung day naiishoot si Claud for a new brand endorsement! (chos! not true at all!)

Meet his reaction. Hehehe!


Me: Babe, I was just kidding! Of course that date is booked exclusively for you and your undying love for Manny.

I can't believe he thought I was serious! As if I would miss this once in a lifetime fight! This is the game that would change boxing all over the world! I can't wait to see how will Manny defeat Mayweather. And I can't wait to see more baby and daddy bonding moments like this.

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I'm not into sport but with all the support people has been giving Manny (just check out the #sugodManny posts) and you'll feel the Manny Fever wash over you! We even joined in and did our our knockout move! :) Well, our baby Cleo did! :)

And what husband doesn't know is that I even plan on subscribing to a pay-per-view of the fight so he can watch it real time! 

And what do you know, SMART is offering live streaming of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight through viewstream app only for Php499! (price is for a limited time only!)
  • No credit card needed. All you need is either a SMART Postpaid linr of Prepaid SIM.
  • Subscribers can also get a chance to watch exclusive training videos of Manny Pacquiao!
  • The 499 will either be deducted from your load or billed to you if you're on postpaid! Bongga!

 Definitely getting this one for the hub-hub to make up for my bad joke! hahaha!

For more videos of Manny Pacquiao, check these out.
Instagram: @SmartCares
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Exclusive MannyPacquiao stickers on Pico Candy, Viber ,Line, and WeChat and filters on Camera360! :) How awesome is that? 

Surely all these can keep me and hubby busy as we countdown to May! :)

For more details, visit SMART is truly all-out in their support of Manny Pacquiao! It's contagious! :)

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