Time to #BareThoseNais

I really love gel manicures... but the sad sad truth is that it isn't doing my nails any good. The fact that I don't have to worry about it coming off is actually a problem, too. The moment I have to get it removed meant that I have to torture my nails because of the prolonged soaking on acetone and how it strips off the first layer of my nails. It's a bad cycle because it leaves my nails looking so disgusting, I want to get another gel manicure!

Find out how I kicked this bad habit and allowed my nails to breath and go bare!

Yes, a good and high quality manicure and pedicure is involved and Maison by Nail Spa was up for the challenge. Their newly opened luxurious digs at Rockwell is clearly the place to be for women who loves good nail pampering. It doesn't come cheap so you''re assured of better ambiance, service and products!

And after seeing the true state of my nails after my manicure and pedicure (I opt to go bare and resisted the urge to polish), I saw that I would be needing more than a high-priced mani/pedi. That's when they introduced me to the new Locycare Nail Gel.

Locycare Nail Gel aims to help with all major nail care problems like yellowish discolorations, chipping, ridges and even help grow better looking nails. In other words, it helps bring back your nails to its healthier state. 

The special blend of humectact ingredients along with some added vitamins and minerals in Locycare proved to be a perfect concoction to rebuild our nails in a early as two weeks! Consistency is pretty much like an ointment and it's easy to apply thanks to it's simple packaging. Instruction was to apply a little dot to each nail, rub it for absorption and allow to dry. 

I can't tell you enough how bad the state of my nails are from countless nail polish applications and gel manicures. So I was quite intrigue with Locycare. Good thing they let us try it out during their event.

Forgive the yellowish stains.

My nails after manicure and waiting for Locycare to dry. 

The state of our nails isn'tjust about getting the best manicure or we put in it. It also helps if we have healthier diet. So with Locycare and switching some of my sweets for fruits and veggies, I'm quite confident my nails will look as pretty as Agoo Benzon's!

Find out more about Locycare and how to get healhy nails at healthynails.ph!

It's quite unnerving to see my nails sans polish but I have to admit it felt good to #BareThoseNails

Glad to have these ladies to experience Locycare with! :)

Miss Popquiz and The Misty Mom!

Kath and Tara

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