#DoveGoPlay | Goodbye Damaged Hair

One of the best things that ever happened to my hair is Dove. I hate dealing with my hair. Especially when i got pregnant and now a busy mom of one with a business and job to run. That's why you'll always find my super thick mane in a bun or in a ponytail. So much easier that way.

But ever since discovering Dove and the power of its new Keratin Actives that protect and rejuvenate my hair, playing around with it is fast becoming a hobby. So naturally, I went at their Dove Go Play event and enjoyed a few hours of playtime with fellow beauty bloggers.

Like a momma to our hair, Dove takes charge on treating our damaged hair while we get the freedom to try anything with our locks. Been holding off coloring your hair red just çause you're scared of the maintenance? Fret no more. I can now go and get my hair rebonded and not fear that my hair would lose moisture and elasticity. I can curl and straighten my hair with all those lovely tools and not be worried I'm frying off my locks.

Dove's Keratin-Active, do not only repair damage but also protect and strengthen my hair. Just looking at these roses sows that with the use of Dove, you are several times more protected from the heat of a blow dryer compared to regular shampoo and conditioner. As you all know, Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that's found in our hair, skin and nails. Keratin-Actives somewhat goes deep into our hair strand and repair the damaged to the hair brought on by our playfulness-slash-experimentations. It repairs it from within and allows the building of keratin for shinier, smoother looking locks. Believe mw when I say you see a difference once you use Dove!

Truly, it's more fun when you have no worries and when have more freedom to do whatever you want! So if you don't have the budget for the high-end hair care brands, don't worry (not one bit!) Dove's got your back.. or should I say hair? :)

So, what are you waiting for? #DoveGoPlay

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