My #Vitressified Beauty Resolution

I find it comforting that gone are the bad hair days.  There are just so many options for us now! But of course, choosing what's best though can get so daunting with all the plethora of products made available to us. It can get seriously crazy especially when you only have a few minutes to spare every morning.

That's why this incoming year, my beauty resolution is to simplify my beauty routine. One of which I plan to tackle is that of my unruly mane that manages to take a huge chunk of my beauty allowance just to manage it.

I know that wishing for a wash-and-wear kind of hair is too much. We all know that shampoo and conditioner simply won’t cut it. Thankfully though, having le fabuleux hair is not all too impossible. I recently discovered that by adding just one step to my daily hair care routine, a shinier, smoother hair is easily achieved.

Meet ze hair's new BFF, Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat. It's a special hair serum with blends of silicones that protect the mane from damage while keeping it smooth and straight. A heaven sent for buhaghag hair like mine! It's definitely one of those products we can call a game-changer, since most hair oils/serums in the market before are either too expensive, offered only at salons or both. Vitress managed to bring hair serum to the masses by making it available through beauty stores, groceries and even convenience stores at a much affordable price.

What made Vitress all the more enticing are the variants that now cater to different hair types and hair care needs.

Meet Vitress' four variants!

Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat

This is the original Vitress Hair Serum that now contains Vita-Relax Technology. If you're the type that only uses shampoo and conditioner, get this one. The end result is a much more manageable hair that is easy to comb and with less frizz.

Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat

Got too overzealous with salon hair procedures that resulted to dry, damaged hair? Start the repair treatment with Vitress Repair Cuticle Coat. It has Hydro-Restore System that helps with rebuilding the damages caused by coloring, perming and rebonding.

Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat

If you're starting to experiment with hair tools like blow dry, hair iron and curlers, apply the Vitress Hair Protect Cuticle Coat to damp hair. The Thermo-Shield Complex this serum contains protects your hair from the damaging heat from these tools and it results to a much sleeker and sexy looking hair.

Vitress Special Edition Hair Cuticle Coat co-designed by Solenn Heusaff

A serum created especially for women on-the-go like Solenn, currently the Vitress Ambassador. She specially designed a chicer bottle, made sure the formulation yield better result and gave it a powdery scent for added freshness.

Still not convinced? Let me help you bust some myths about hair serums.

Myth: Hair serums make hair greasy.

Truth: Hair serum formulations now are more advanced. Most of them are easily absorbed by the hair and Vitress is no different. But always remember, a little goes a long way. One to two pumps should suffice for short hair.

Myth: You don't need it.

Truth: You do! We all do. Our hair like our skin is exposed to pollutants and free radicals. If we care enough to apply sunscreen on our skin, then I think our hair needs equal attention.

Myth: It weighs the hair down.

Truth: It can if you use too much product. So use sparingly, a pump is enough for short hair length or about two pumps for longer locks.

And to make the easy easier, here are some of my hair care tips using Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat


  • I like applying Vitress when my hair is damp. I use Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat after drying off excess water, just before I subject my hair to the blow dry and curling iron.
  • For sun protection, I use also Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat.
  • To control mid-day frizz, I bring along the 15ml size bottle of Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat and apply a pea-size amount from mid-length of my hair to the tips.
  • For sleeker, straighter hair and fresh-smelling hair, I go fancy with Vitress Special Edition Hair Cuticle Coat co-designed by Solenn Heusaff.
  • At night (yes, at night) when I'm not too tired, I apply a tiny amount of Vitress Hair Repair just to minimize the heat damage that I subjected my hair to. This is also the variant I use when I won't be exposed to too much sunlight or when I'm not going to use any hair tools.

What I truly appreciate about Vitress is how true it is to its promise. It really tames the frizz and gives my hair a smooth and shiny finish. My curls look more natural. And even if I know my hair is damaged from all the perming and coloring, using Vitress conceals this fact since it doesn’t feel or look dry at all. Best of all, it’s inexpensive! Only Php38 for their 15ml bottle which lasts me a week!

So the next time you visit your grocery, grab a bottle and say hello to shinier, silkier and smoother hair! :)

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Vittress Hair Cuticle Coat is only P38 for 15ml, P60 for 30ml, 
87 for 50ml(for classic variants) 
P49 for 20ml and P75 for 30ml (for specialized variants) 
and Php80 for 30ml (for special edition by Solenn Heusaff). 

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