Do You Hate Retouching? | L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder

I do! Urgh! I am probably the laziest beauty blogger for not retouching as often as I need to. And sadly, my skin calls for major retouch most of the time that I've been secretly hoping for a miracle product that won't require me to re-apply my pressed powder.

L'Oreal must have heard my prayers, that or many of you women out there wishes for the same for they just came out with a powder foundation that promises matter flawless complexion for good 12 hours. That's half a day of no retouch required, ladies! No need to go straight to the rest room when we get to the office. No wasted minute in between lunch to check if we still have our face on! No need to frequently check the mirror if we're oily na! What a joy!

Introducing Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder. It is made of volcanic perlite powder, an all natural, non-irritating sebum absorber. This is a power ingredient that shine resistant for a whopping 12 hours!

I can feel your eyebrows raising seemingly saying, "Seriously."
I know we got jaded with brands promising this and that but fails to truly deliver. I'm with you there. BUT I had to give MAT MAGIQUE a chance considering that most products I've tried that has volcanic minerals/ingredients in it did fairly well in absorbing oil or reducing oiliness from my skin. Most of which are in skin care category. So consider me intrigued to try one in a makeup form. And since there are only a handful of pressed powder and foundation that works on my hyper-active oil glands, thanks to my genes and addiction to fried anything, I wanted to see how this works on me.

L'Oreal prepared a day of fun makeover, play around with L'Oreal Paris cosmetics and have our photos taken by famous fashion photographer, BJ Pascual. This is all for us to experience the magic behind heir new two-way cake foundation, Mat Magique. But since I already had Mat Magique at home and I never go to an event without my face on, I went ahead and did my own makeup before heading out. It was also the perfect time to test Mat Magique's 12 hour promise of matte perfection that requires no retouch.

I didn't set my expections too high though. Seeing that it promises a flawless matte complexion, I settled for 6 hours and would already consider it a good mattifying foundation to recommend. But Mat Magique did live up to the hype and managed to keep me looking fresh for 8 hours! And i could have hit the 12 hour mark if I it wasn't time to go to bed. Note to self: Must use Mat Magique early in the morning the next day.

Mat Magique is also lightweight and allows the skin to breathe. That's another plus in itself since most mattifying beauty products feels heavy and not really skin-friendly at all as it's packed with silicones that clog the pores. And it goes without saying that with less to no retouch you do, the less you bombared your pores with products.

Here is the photo that famous fashion photographer, BJ Pascual, took of me. And yes, there were minimal editing done here.

So the next photo is an unedited one that I took myself when I got home after the event. See? No oilies? The powder managed to meld into my skin with minimal to shine visibility. It also reduced the appearance of my pores. My acne-prone skin is certainly loving the coverage!

I predict that Mat Magique will easily become its number one product. Finally a two-way foundation that does what it says, a modern matte look that stays for hours. And would you that it's only Php499?

Yes, it is time to #BelieveInMagique

To summarize it all for you, here's what I love about Mat Magique:

1. Medium to full coverage - could cover minor blemishes.
2. Sets any liquid foundation flawlessly
3. Minimizes pores
5. Lightweight
6. Great staying power - 6 to 12 hours, depending on weather
7. Less need for retouch - saves you money and you don't bombard your skin with more product
8. Affordable at only Php499, and only Php399 for the refill
7. So far, it's not breaking me out. :)

Here are more photos from the event. :)

So not used to being on camera, smiling made my jaw hurt! lol!

With the glamteam Dennis Tuazon for my hair and Angie Gogna who did my makeup (she contoured my nose gloriously, angles were singing!) and fixed my brows. :)

with Nikki, and Kumi!

Flawless, noh? :)

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