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When it comes to skincare, I have to say that natural is not always the path I'm used to taking. But when I was pregnant and then caring for my baby, I took extra care on what goes into my body. I caved in to the dreary fact that a lot of skin care I was using are ridden with chemicals were potentially doing more harm than good to my skin. Since I was solely caring Claud, I had to stop these and choose a safer, more natural approach when it came to skin care.

A day before giving birth, I came upon a whole set of Burt's Bees Daisy White Brightening collection. It's a complete range of skincare that aims to naturally whiten and brighten skin. I knew it was the right moment to change my skin care and try something new. Find out the results in this post.

As you all know, Burt's Bees are known as an eco-friendly product with founders who care deeply about the nature and respects what it can do for us. The brand has also been successful in their previous skin care products. But now, they created a whole line of to address the needs of Asian women. Aren't we, lucky? Burt's Bees probably notice how devoted we are to caring for our skin. And so this!

Burt's Bees Daisy White Brightening contains some of nature's high-powered skin brighteners. For this, Burt's Bees didn't scrimp on quality ingredient and sustainably sourced at that. But what I found attractive with this range is how effective Daisy White Extract is as tyrosinase inhibihor.

It's quite simple really what Daisy White extract does. It simply inhibits our skin from producing melanin which causes our skin to darken. Although melanin production is not entirely bad. Our body's way of producing especially at a certain age (30's and above) can be uneven resulting to skin dullness. I used a tyrosinase inhibitor oitment before and found it really effective. But since I can't use that anymore, I was pleased to know that there is hope for my skin with Burt's Bees Daisy White Brightening.

The whole line contains a creamy cleaner, a refreshing toner, easily absorbed serum, oil-free moisturizer and illuminating eye cream. I've taken the liberty to test them all out for you for their effectiveness. :)

Daisy White Facial Cleanser | Php 795, 170g

A cream facial cleanser that contains high concentrate of Daisy White Extract, Alpine Plant Complex, and Multi-Fruit Complex. The beginning of a good skin care regimen lies with a good cleanser to remove dirt. Compared to others I've tried, Daisy White Facial Cleanser effectively leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and supple.

Tip: Use this as a makeup remover by applying it on to your skin directly and slowly massaging it to your skin to remove the makeup. Wash off and then wash again

Daisy White Facial Toner | Php 795, 170g

Toner is very important for us girl with oily skin. This one in particular feels nice against the skin. It feels refreshing with it being tt 99% natural. Free from the irritating aclcohol-scent. And I'm so glad to report that it removes dirt and makeup residue effectively. Yey! To use, just apply every after wash with a cotton pad.

I switch this between the Burst Bee's Tomato Toner for when I have breakouts.

Daisy White Serum | Php 1650, 30g

One of the nicest serums I've ever tried. Seriously. The consistensy is liquid and blends really easily to the skin. And yes, it's not sticky at all. It's packed with DaishyWhite Extracts, Summer Snowflake, Tonka bean Bioferment, Indian Gooseberry, Alpine Plant Complex, and Multi-fruit Complex. I love using this day and night. I actually forgo using a moisturizer in the morning in exchange for this. Much better for my oily skin.

Did it work? There is significant difference in my skin when I started using this. Despite the sleepless nights and constant breakouts, my skin bounce back quickly to its fair state when I use the Dasiy White Serum.

Daisy White Moisturizing Cream | Php1650, 50g

You'd think that at my 30's we still wouldn't need a moisturizer. Dead wrong. I can feel some parts of my skin drying out like the Sahara while the T-zone is still sleek with oil. It's disgusting. Daisy White Moisturizing is ideal for combination skin like ours. It's lightweight and has a smooth finish. It contains Pearl Powder so if your skin is looking nice and even already,feel free to skip a foundation. Your skin will look extra flawless cause of it already. I like that it comes in a huge container.

Tip: A pea size is enough to cover the whole face. This can easily act as a makeup base and helps with making your foundation goes on smoothly and make it long-lasting.

Daisy White Eye Cream | Php 1650, 10g

A must! Never leave the eyes unprotected. The moment you can afford an eye cream, get one and start using it. The moment you can afford a better one, upgrade ASAP! The Daisy White Eye Cream in particular is a great buy especially if you're worried about dark circles. The Tonka Bean Bioferment ingredient really helps with adding radiance to the eyes which makes your peepers look brighter.

Tip: Keep your eye cream on your bedside table. Re-apply in case you wake up in the middle of the night. Great for moms like me who sometimes get sleepless nights from taking care of the baby.

I can't tell you enough how much the Burt Bee's Daisy White Brightening Collection impresses me. And you know how much I love my skin care ridden with chemical ingredients I can't pronounce (Okay, I can! But you know what I mean) and yet this range brought a whole meaning to caring for your skin naturally. I love that it also relies on science and really worked with nature's ingredient's on how to inhibit skin darkening. I'm glad that most of the ingredients aren't some thing that you can easily spot on cheaper products. It assures me that Burt's Bees really did their homework in creating a skin care range that unique for us Asian women.

You should a see a difference in just two weeks with religious application. Remember that less is more and always always take into consideration your health and lifestyle before judging your skin care's effectivity.

Here are some of the photos I took during the time I was using Burt's Bees Daisy White Brightening Collection.  These were taken during the first few months after giving birth. :)

A photo posted by Shen Gee (@shensaddiction) on

A photo posted by Shen Gee (@shensaddiction) on

Who knew that skin brightening is easily achieved, right? And if you're iffy about the price. The thought that you're purchasing a great skin care that sourced their products from sustainable resources and help people earn a good living should put your mind - and pockets - at ease.

Tip: Colder seasons are the best time to use a brightening and whitening skin care. With less exposure to the sun due to the climate, the products you use has a better chance of working in to your skin.

You can get Burt's Bees Daisy White Brightening Collection is available at all Beauty Bar stores in the Philippines or via Beauty Bar Online.

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