To Naturally Whiten Skin with Olay

One of the many dilemmas of Pinays is having a fair-looking body that matches their fair face. No worries, all women have this problem since we protect our face more often than our body. So the quest for even skin tone is one that many are surely familiar with. It’s a good thing we’re surrounded with products that cater to this specific need. Body soaps here and there are within our grasp. And I’m here to introduce you to one brand that promises a healthy fairness and they caught my attention. So much so that I used it immediately the moment I got it!

When I see papaya extract and Vitamin C on the packaging, I can’t help but take a second look. So I did when the Olay Natural White Body Bars landed on my doorstep today. Olay’s Natural White Body Bars intrigued me because of the claim that it helps whiten skin naturally. They released two body bars, one with papaya extracts and the other with vitamin C. And along with some of Olay’s skin care ingredients, I was more than convinced to try these soaps out.

From experience, using Papaya Extracts and Vitamin C has always helped my skin lighten. And not just the pasty-white fairness but rather one with a healthy glow to the skin. That’s what I love about fruit extracts, it gives real results plus added glow. And though I have not been a frequent user of Olay, having some of its key skin care ingredients sort of assures me that I’m giving my skin added boost.

Olay Natural White with Papaya Extracts

Unlike some papaya soaps I’ve tried in the past, this certain body bar differs in a way that my skin feels a little more supple and soft. Most run-off-the-mill papaya soaps are notorious in drying out skin that I would need to abuse my lotion afterwards. Here, however, I find that there’s a bounce on my skin and it feels smoother definitely. I don’t feel the need to rush applying lotion after bathing. I guess it has something to do with having Olay skin care ingredients in the mix. We all know how effective their skincare are.

Given that Papaya extracts are natural exfoliants, I notice that my skin feels incredibly smooth to touch. I was more convinced because my husband also took notice! 1 point for Olay, zero to the other brands I was using. Although I am at my fairest now (pregnancy and taking care of a newborn kind of took away my chance to go to the beach to get a good sunkissed tan) I look way too pasty! Friends usually associate my glow to being a new mom and finding true happiness in creating life, but seriously I think Olay Natural White with Papaya Extracts was the reason why my I look younger and brighter!

Olay Natural White with Vitamin C

I just love Vitamin C and I’m sure your skin will love it, too! During pregnancy, Vitamin C-based skin care was my salvation! It reduced the dull look my skin had. And I was sure glad that Olay Natural White offers the same for this certain body bar. Even as a wash-away product, you’ll feel it working. I notice a glow on my skin after just a few uses. The zesty yet subtle sent of it makes bathing a lot more luxurious. I just love the zesty feel of it that I do look forward bathing morning and night. Why? Because you’ll really see a difference! Skin is a lot clearer and it looks like it’s helping to lighten up my caesarean scar. Wow, right? 

What I love about Olay Natural White body bars
  • Contains natural ingredients that’s been proven to lighten skin – papain extracts and vitamin C
  • Gives skin natural-looking glow
  • Affordable
  • Available in different sizes (for trial and continued use)
  • Sold in almost all groceries and department store nationwide
  • It’s Olay – a brand trusted for it efficacy to boost skin’s natural beauty
Heed my advice, when looking for ways to brighten up your skin, make it look glowing and fair, look for products that have papain extracts and/or vitamin C. These two ingredients are sure fire way of reviving dull-looking skin. Sure glad I found it with Olay Natural White body bars.

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