A Day of Shopping at Kipling, SM Aura | Kipling Pre-Fall 2014

Oh! The overwhelming 90's memories that Kipling brought back when I went to their brand-spanking-new store at SM Aura. It brought me back to elem and high school days when branded things in our generation was truly prevalent! Everything needs to be imported! But more than that, everything must be high-quality. None of those cheap immitations or alternatives.  Yes, I grew up during those times where we saved up for real quality things that settling for knock-off's as often seen in some youths today.

Kipling is one of those brands that we certainly clamored for. I remember receiving a set of different sizes of backpacks from my dad and him telling me that he likes it due to its durability. He probably saw how much books and notebooks I carried. He who goes for function over style every single time she shops for his only child. Good thing that Kipling didn't fall short over the style department because come school time, I got compliments toting those backpacks.

Moving to Pre-Fall 2014 I got a chance to reacquaint myself with this brand and oh how colorful the experience was! The store was brimming with bright hues! There were bright tropical blues, corals, pristine whites and neon shades. It was spectacular!

If you think that the beginning of the rainy season should dull your choices for colors, Kipling and I beg to differ. What better way to insert a dash of bright hues than now when the downpour is about to start. :)

The Gogo bag jumps start planning your next vacay.

Surely, rainy blues is not the way to describe Kipling's Pre-fall collection for 2014. Rather the lively colors will certainly chase those rainy blues away.

Love the perforated designs. :)

Did I mention the coral shades are to die for?

And here's to my favorite color, seafoam green, all bright and lovely!

And just look at that iconic long-armed pouty lips primates that you can tag along where ever?

Check out how creative Kipling fans are with the brand's mascot? I wonder what they'll come up with next!

And let's not forget about theKipling x Natalie Joos Travel Collection. All of us fell for the Youri Spin 68.

Natalie Joos is a Belgian-born New York fashion blogger. She loves sharing her love for vintage fashion on her blog and works as a consultant and stylist. :)

Shopping for the perfect bag at Kipling proved to be a fun feat! So after an hour of checking out the store, I got the Sabin White Perfo. It has the cutest golden charm of the iconic monkey that I just got to have. I know that the upkeep of this bag will prove to be a challenge but I just fell for the clean pristine white color.

Just look at Claud! She let her dear mom shop her heart away while she snoozes ever so prettily while we were at the store. :)

I could have gone for the blue one, though. Maybe next time. :)

Shopping is double the fun when you're with friends. :) Martha and Tara with her here. :)

And yes, there's more! There's Rowena, Michelle, Millet of Kipling Philippines and our dear friend, Jen, who arranged this get together. :)

(can spot the dear ol' hubby taking our picture? hehehe!)

Sp, next time you're in the market for a bag, I suggst heading out to Kipling at SM Aura. Their adorable stylish, casual and functional bags are clearly for the most discerning shoppers. :)

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