NEW | Maybelline Colorsensational Pink Alert Collection

Just when I thought I have weaned myself from all things pink when it comes to lippies, here is Maybelline out to stir up my addiction with this blush shade with their new Colorsensational Pink Alert Collection.

But gone are the pale, pearly, girly kinds of pink. Nope! What we have here are shades of pink inspired from the runways of New York. This is certainly the run-of-the-mill kind of pink lipsticks. It's more passionate, brighter and edgier. Certainly deserving of our more confident demeanor.

So even if I'm just home all day caring fro little Camilla Claudette, I gave these lippies a try to see if they are as good as they look. :)

Don't they just look slightly rebellious to you? :) I get goosebumps just by looking at it! Love the red-based pigments Pink Alert has! :)

Like most Colorsentational lipstick, the Pink Alert has a satin finish. Definitely moisturizing. Unfortunately it being bright and all, it tends to accentuate the lines on the lips and worst if you have dry chapped lips. I suggest that you prep your lips first with your favorite lip balm and exfoliate those puckers to enjoy these almost-neon hues.


This Pink shade is blue-based fluorescent pink is great for those with cool undertones. It reminds me of MAC Saint Germain a lot.


A bright corally shade of pink that pairs well with warm skin tones. This is one of my favorite as it appears more wearable than the other shades from this collection. Yes, I think this shade is safe enough to wear everyday and not as bad even if you have chapped lips.


Another bright milky pink-coral lip shade that compliments cooler skin tones. It has slight blue shimmers but not visible once swiped. This is really a screaming pink shade that I think most fair skin tone can pull off. This shade is almost similar to MAC Pink Nouveau. :)


Another favorite is this coral lip shade that again is great with those with warmer skin tones like mine. It is bright and may take some getting used if you're not as adventurious as I am with bright-colored hues. Another thing I like is that like POW2, it goes on well even with dry chapped lips.

POW1 | POW2 | POW3 | POW4

Swatch time! :)

Below is Maybelline guide in finidng your perfect Pink Alert color and other lippies from Maybelline base on your undertone.

Are you a fan of Pink lippies? Let me know which one is your fave from the Maybelline Colorsensational Pink Alert Collection.

Colorsensational Pink Alert Collection (Php399 each) is available at your favorite Maybelline Counters nationwide.

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  1. Wow! Your page is amazing & the lipstick swatches are true to the color from the rest of all available on Google. 😘😘😘. I never comment but can't resist.


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