Proof that Moms are Superhumans


I've proven that moms are truly superhumans. I just became one since i gave birth. :)

I didn't let my CS wound stop me from becoming a mom to my beautiful daughter. Just after 16 hours from surgery, I already went down to breastfeed her. Did so again at around midnight. And so on for two days. When she roomed with us, we barely had any help in changing her. Feeding her and calming her down.

I don't know how I survived the pain in my abdomen and how I kept my wits about me but I did. It surprised my doctors, the nurses and even other patients how fast i could move around, get up from my bed just to attend to my baby. They said that most CS patients/mom barely have energy at all after operation.

Even when we got home, I still did majority of taking care of baby Claudette since exclusively breastfeeding her is practically a 24/7 duty.

I'm in awe with how I was able to do everything for my child while contending a serious wound with little sleep.

The strength, i'm dead sure it came from the moment I became a mother. :) I didn't know how truly magical being a mother could be.


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