YumYum: Proper Way of Eating a Sushi

....Is without a chopstick or even dipping it in a mixture of soy sauce and wasabi.

I gotta admit that I'm not really educate with a lot of ways in eating foreign food. But I do enjoy them. One of the things I miss most during this pregnancy is eating sushi and sashimi. But raw foods are not advisable to be eaten by expecting women. That's just to avoid any mercury content taken in to the body or possible food poisoning brought on by raw food. We, pregnant women after should take care not to be sick to avoid taking any medication that could potentially harm the baby.

But boy oh boy is this video is very helpful in educating me on how to properly eat a sushi when the time comes I can finally eat them again!

On the hindsight, I always wanted to use my hands to eat sushi! I just thought that it was inappropriate. How I hate it when a good maki breaks down when I grab it with a chopstick! So sad really. I do forget, too, that a sushi should really be all about the fish and drowning in sauce shouldn't be the case at all...

I love that i can eat it using my hand and don't have to go overzealous with the wasabi and soysauce. :) Ahhh! I can't wait to eat sushi this way! :)

So glad I found this video! Go ahead and watch! :)

You're Doing It All Wrong chanel is sooo educational! 
Too bad they stopped producing videos any longer. :(

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