Orange Dream Shake with Shake 'N Go from WeChat and Lazada Philippines

This Summer, we are getting some major heat from the sun! As a preggy woman, I'm in for the worst this hot season! Not a good thing! So I'm always finding ways to keep hydrated! But I make sure to take in my fruits. :) Smoothies are definitely a fun way to enjoy a cool drink.

My favorite is Orange Dream Shake. It's not exactly a healthy drink but it's very tasty.

1 can of orange juice (cooled)
2 slices of orange (for the texture)
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
1 cup of full cream milk (cooled)

Blend ingredients together. :)

I like using a blender from WeChat and LazadaPH, the Shake 'n Go makes it easier for me to whip this up and head out to to enjoy this drink on the road. At Php539, it's such a deal! The strong motor powers the stainless steel blades are attached at the bottom of the bottle. Within a few seconds, you get to drink a cool, smooth, delicious, and nutritious drink! The portable container has a built-in spout so you can drink directly from the container. Guaranteed no spills, this handy appliance is a great must-have for health-conscious people, fitness buffs, joggers, or just about anyone!

Wondering how to get it? Download the WeChat app and follow @Lazada_PH to avail of this exclusive deal. Through WeChat, you can avail the Shake ‘n Go for only Php539 instead of Php 1399.00! Hurry and order this exclusive deal today! Enjoy more future deals follow @Lazada_PH on WeChat!

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