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One of the trying times of this pregnancy was when I had Oral Glucose Challenge Test. It's a test taken by expecting moms at the second trimester of her pregnancy to check if she has developed gestational diabetes. Unfortuntaley, I failed that test and I had to take the next test to verify if I do have Gestational Diabibetes, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 100g. This required taking of blood samples four times. 

Good thing that Clinica Manila is situated inside SM Hypermart, with 4 hours I have to spend at the clinic, I needed some distraction. And so I entered Beeswax Waxing and Nail Salon, a mere walking distance from the clinic.

Here are my thoughts on this organic waxing and nail salon.

Beeswax Waxing and Nail Salon, from what I gather, opened in 2012 at SM Hypermart Pasig. It caters to men and women who chose to go the organic and natural path when it comes to their waxing and manicure and pedicure needs. After all, organic and natural isn't just a fad anymore, it has become a lifestyle for many women. Now, I'm not really inclined to choose this path just yet, I wanted to experience their service and see if its at par with some of my favorite nail salons.

What attracted me to BeesWax is the fact that they use Zoya nail polish. Zoya is one of the pioneer of organic manicure. They do not contain any harsh chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). It has successfully maintained products for nail care to be completely toxin-free that it's safe to use by children, those with sensitive skin, pregnant women and even breastfeeding mommies. Although i'm not really worried about those abovementioned ingredients, Zoya has been one of my favorite nail polish products. I was quite ready to reacquaint myself with it during that time.

The place was designed with inspirations from bees I'm sure. With honeycombs and colors of yellow and black. The place was even decorated with bee stuffed toys. :) The nail salon do not accomodate a lot of clients, I think there were only 4 or 5 chairs and I'm not even sure how many waxing rooms they have. I would think they have at the most 3 rooms. Since I came there for a mani and pedi, I didn't think to check.

I came in quite early, just right when they opened (around ten in the morning), so I was immediately attended to. At that time there was only the manager and one aesthetician. I got their most basic package, Organic Nail Care for both hands and feet (Php430). We started off with my manicure and then my pedicure. The service took about an hour and half with a bit of interruption since I had to go back to the clinic to get another shot for my glucose test. The wide range of Zoya polishes (they have the Pixie Dust colelction available there, too) gave me a hard time choosing what shade to wear but I settled for Perrie on my fingernails and Riley on my toenails. :)

The experience overall was very pleasant. The staff were nice and very efficient. My manicurist knows what she's doing and the things she used looked pristine and well sanitized. I had the latest issues of my favorite, InStyle magazines, to keep me entertained. The prices for their services are very affordable, nothing above Php1,000. I would not think twice to go back and enjoy more of their services in the future. :)

BeesWax Waxing and Nail Salon is located at the G/F of SM Hypermart Pasig.
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