Happy Skin SS Second Skin Creme Review

It's high time for a beauty review!

Happy Skin has taken Manila by storm for the past few months. Their Shut Up Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies are talk of the town. But one product that's definitely deserves a pedestal is their SS Second Skin Creme.

An innovation in itself, which I think is fitting for us Filipinas. Especially those with problematic skin. It may come in a small package but it sure quite pack a lot of skincare benefits along with flawless coverage. I am amaze with the results whenever I use this little wonder in a tube.

What I like about SS Creme? It's silicone-free! Making it safer and better for everyday use. Not that silicone is entirely bad for your skin, I just find that silicone-based products when I use them regularly tend to give me more blackheads and whiteheads. And even though it's great at trapping oils and making me look flawless, it also traps the product on my pores that results at one time or another to cystic acne.

SS Creme actually benefits those with troubled skin like I do without having to compromise on the coverage. With a buildable lightweight to medium coverage, I was able to even out my skin tone, reduce redness to about 70% and fill in my pores for a smoother appearance.

The tube could be bigger but a good thing about this is that it's travel-friendly. The small spout helps you control the product well that you won't worry about wasting it.

What I love about the Happy Skin SS Second Skin Creme:

1. Creme to powder consistency. It dries a little quicker that I would have liked but I got use to buffing it faster that regular foundation.
2. Love the matte consistency!
3. Gives the skin a slight glow sans oiliness
4. Holds up up to 3 hours on my extremely erratic and oily skin.
5. Gives the skin a slight plump effect.
6. Pores are significantly reduced.
7. Evens out the skin to a point that I can concealer has become an option.
8. Lightweight feel that my skin needs right now.
9. Ultimately gives the skin a renewed lease in life. :)

I used small flat top brush to apply this foundation.

Happy Skin SS Second Skin Creme is really ideal for everyday wear especially for those with problematic skin. To have a chance to even out your skin to look presentable and pleasing daily without having to worry about doing more damage to your skin is really liberating. I have always been an advocate of usage of makeup, it gives you the chance to present your best version but not everyone would be as comfortable as I am with using too many products, with ingredients you're unsure of. Happy Skin SS Second Skin Creme takes that into consideration, no need to compromise, get easily flawless skin powered with ingredients like Cherry Blossom Extract and Hyaluronic Acid.

Literally, giving us no reason not to look good everyday. :)

For a closer look, here's a bigger photo of my Happy Skin SS Second Skin Creme look.

love how clear and luminous my skin looks!

Happy Skin SS Second Skin Creme (Php1,199) is available at select Plains & Prints, Beauty Bar and Rustan's Department Store. Also available only at http://shop.beautybar.com.ph. For more details, visit www.happyskincosmetics.com.

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