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For the holiday season, I won't be allowed to drink sodas, wine, too much hot chocolate and coffee... me being pregnant and all!

It's practically telling me not to enjoy Christmas. Thank goodness, I'm allowed with as much juice as I like. But not just any regular juice. Nope! I have to have real juice drink. One that's loads of Vitamin C.

So this Christmas, I'm armed and ready with Del Monte Real Juice Drinks, not only with the handy canned ones but in 1 liter sizes that's in a convenient packaging.

I remember my mom telling me before that when she got pregnant with me, she used to down cans of Del Monte Fruit Juices in Pineapple and Orange. That's why I was very healthy when I was born.I didn't really stop drinking after that. To this day I still love me some can of pineapple juice! :) And not only do my body enjoy the benefits of these juices, so does my skin! Since we all know that Vitamins helps with improving the skin texture and giving that natural skin glow.

And these ones that come in a 1 liter pack in eco-friendly containers are undeniably convenient! I will surely stock up with the #GoRealGoLarge Del Monte Fruit Juices. My favorite? Surprise! Surprise! Pineapple and Pineapple Orange! :)

Holidays ain't that looking so gloomy after all. :)

Del Monte Fruit Juice in 1 liter packs come in 4 yummy flavors, Pineapple, Apple, Pineapple Orange and Four Seasons.

For more information about these new products, visit Del Monte Fruit Juice Facebook Page!

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