Winner Announced | newKube MP3 Giveaway

You've waited long enough! So for you impatients dudes, here is the winner of the newKube MP3 player!

Congratulations, Krishna Ronquillo-Sedenio!
You're now  a proud owner of the smallest mp3 player in the world!
Krishna's entry! 

I just love your playlist! Some of the songs brought me back to my rock and roll/alternative days in high school.  While the others are really note-worthy new artists with songs that I consider soundtrack to my life. :) There are just few of us who appreciate songs like this. Especially that we're both female. :) This playlist really brought me back.. :) Don't you just love that about music?

You actually got me at James Morrison's You Give Me Something and Aerosmith's Hole In My Soul but thank God the rest of your playlist rocks (IMHO!)

I'm a big fan of these type of music and I'm sure we would have been friends and listened to the same music in cassette tapes and CD's! But thank God we don't have to worry about rewinding and ruining tapes in the process. LOL! :)

We also don't have to wait for lots of songs to finish just to get to the ones we like! Your newKube will have all of these songs and you can play them instantly, whichever way and wherever!

Contact me ASAP so I can send this cute baby to you soon! :)
(shensaddiction (at) gmail (dot) com)

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