NEW Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color | Review, Swatches

Bobbi believes that lipstick should be quick and easy—and Sheer Lip Color is exactly that. This super lightweight formula glides on smoothly and evenly, delivering a sheer and slightly glossy finish that’s highly wearable. Formulated with luxurious Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter and Apricot Kernel Oils, Sheer Lip Color rejuvenates and nourishes, improving the overall condition of lips instantly and over time. Plus, the unique translucent base allows its true color to last for hours without feathering. In neutral, bright and deep shades (the hardest part is having to choose).

Coming from me, Sheer Lip Color might be the last thing you''ll expect to see as my favorite lip product.

But it is. Blame it on the weather that's been making my lips chap like crazy that I have two lip balms in my Kikay Kit. And though I don't consider the new Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer lipstick as lipbalm, it feels like it except that it's more luxurious than that. And don't we all deserve a bit of luxury sometimes?

My heart went out for the shade Cherry Pink to ready myself for Fall. It's a deep magenta shade but comes off very sheer as the lipstick texture suggest. On the lips, it goes on a bright magenta, red-pink. smooth and glossy.

I'm in love with dark shades lately but I was pleasantly surprised with how casual the color is and yet buildable enough to be striking. Like it says, thanks to the ingredients, the slip is smooth and helps with dry lips. It doesn't settle on the lines but rather provides a smooth coating to the lips that's similar to a lip gloss but without the sticky feel.

It's been a staple on my vanity kit and I've been using this one even without the usual makeup on. It's a good lipstick all-year round but most especially during the latter part of the year as it keep the lips protected from drying and chapping. It also leaves a bit of a stain just in case you forget to retouch. It does bleed a bit but use it sparingly to contain it But overall, it's one of my favorite lip product to reach for.

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