5 Things I can't Leave Without | #SMARTUNLI25

We all know how important every piece of object in our bags are, but there are times that we find some more valuable that the other.

Mine for example, are the following:

1. My iPhone 5, which has got everything I could possibly need. It's got my schedule, a camera that's good enough to capture highlights of events I visit, it's data-capable and has all the apps I've come to rely on for blogging and social media.

2. Oil Blotting Paper, which I never leave the house without, really. My oily skin can't leave without this. I have at least 2 packs in my bag. And I'm very stingy with it. Lol!

3. Speaking of my iPhone 5, I make sure I'm subscribed to the latest call and text that will allow me to GO BEYOND UNLI. Latest of which is the #SmartUNLI25 for prepaid. For Php25 a day, I get free calls to Smart and Talk N Text, free texts to all Smart, Sun and Talk and Text. I also get 50 FREE texts to all networks and free chat and surp up to 15mb! All I have to do is subscribe to UNLI25 and send it to 6404.

I get to reach the people I need to communicate with when I'm away from my computer and office. So make sure you're in on Unli25, you never know when plans change and you need to keep in touch with the organizers of the event.

for more info, visit here.

4. Makeup of course is an essential part of my life and so I never leave the house without it. My picks is a good realiable pressed powder and a gloss for retouch.

5. Perfume is the best accessory is you ask me. It doesn't discriminate and since you like the perfume you're wearing, it's an instant pick-me-uppers if the day takes a bad turn. But eager way, you should always smell nice especially when attending events.

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