The Wand Review: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara T2 Film Type

Keeping your lashes long and curly just got easier with the New Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Film Type that has now double the eyelash treatment than the previous version (one in the silver and pink tube).

I'm  watching the Beautiful Creatures now and I'm loving Ridley Duchannes' look. All smokey and goth. But most of the time the lead characters didn't seem like they were wearing any makeup at all. But we all know that ain't true. So if you want to look cameo-ready, one trick I can share with you is to keep a mascara close by.

And I see you shaking your head. I know, mascaras are tough to remove. That's why I think it's genius that mascara brands now have film type versions. My first taste of these babies was Blinc Mascara which is up to know my favorite go-to everyday mascara just cause I can skip the makeup removal process and go straight to the bathroom and wash it off with warm water.

That same thing applies to the new version of Fairydrops Platinum T2 Film Type Mascara.You get to enjoy the long lush lashes Fairydrops known for with its ingenious teardrop wand without the fear of looking like a panda in the morning. 

How does this work? Well, the formulation in this new mascara from Fairydrops coats the lashes like a tube. It's water resistant so no smudging and it lasts all day but can be easily washed off by soap and water. You'll see tiny bits of black film coats of mascara on your sink afterwards. But what's better is that it's more nourishing with 5 kinds of treatment essense such as collagen, sqaulene oil, hyaluronate, jojoba oil, and panthenol.

5 reasons why you'll love the new Fairydrops Platinum T2 Film Type Mascara:

1. Give long and curly luscious curls.
2. Gets into every lashes. Thanks to the teardrop wand.
3. Doesn't flake.
4. Doesn't smudge.
5. Easy to remove. No makeup remover needed.

It doesn't come cheap, yes. But if you're on a look out for a great mascara. You've got one right here. :)

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Fairydrops mascaras are available at the Beauty Bar.

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