Tech Tuesday | Casemate Pop! with Stand Case in Lipstick Pink and Pool Blue

Hey, loves!
I'm still here in Hong Kong with the rest of Mary Kay Team. Today we will be witnessing the training of the mdoels and their consultants. I'm pretty excited and equipped with a few questions for them to answer. If there are some thing you'd like me to ask them, just tweet it to me!

For the meantime, it's Tech Tuesday and I'd like to share with you my new acquistion for my hardworking Smart Iphone 5. It's the Casemate Pop! with Stand Case. This case comes in basic and vibrant shades but I wanted something girly so I chose the Lipstick Pink/Pool Blue combination. I went for the case for the stand since I l;ike to treat my iPhone5 as an alarm clock. Setting it down on my desk allows me to see what time it is. Interior lining is also impact resistant-resistant for clumsy li'l me!

For more photo and see how well in matches my new home decor, read more...

  • Ultra-thin Pop! with stand for iPhone 5
  • Built-in stand for convenient hands-free media viewing; supports portrait and landscape viewing options.
  • Product Dimensions (cm): Length: 12.9 Width: 6.45 Height: 1.3

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