Mary Kay One Woman Can Model Finale | Day 1 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong greeted us with a sunny weather when we arrived. I took my jacket off and enjoyed the sun on my skin. It was a glorious day to jump start our first day in Hong Kong.

When we reached Lanson Place Hotela t Causeway Bay, I loved the quaint hotel, elegant decors. Our rooms were designed fabulously. And what I saw on my bed was doubly cheery, a note and gift from the Mary Kay Asia Pacific Team.

Room 2607, my home in Hong Kong for the next four days.

A handwritten note definitely made us feel so special. Thanks Mimi, KK and the rest of Mary Kay Asia Pacific Team. :)

My view from my hotel room.

After resting for a bit and our manicures and pedicures at The Nail Place, Mary Kay Asia Pacific arranged a fancy dinner at one of Hong Kong's exclusive real estates, Park View. Inside its posh restaurant, we enjoyed a fancy steak dinner with sauce mixed with elegant truffle oil. We were then introduced to the One Woman Can Campaign and Model Finale and how it speaks of how Mary Kay Ash founded the brand that carries her name.

What exactly did one woman do when she got passed over for a promotion after all the hard work she put into her job? She created her own company, that is! She first started to write about her experience and then started to conceptualize her dream. A company that is made for women. Having been tossed aside for a man, she knew that it's not only her who has experienced discrimination for being a woman. So she started to build a business that is for woman. Now she has over 3 million independent  beauty consultants with several headquarters in the most thriving countries in the world. Because of her many women found financial freedom with their Mary Kay business. A woman created a business and she gave women an opportunity to create theirs as well.

Because one woman can, many others can, too. And that's what they want to emphasize with Mary kay's 50th anniversary. A celebration of empowering and enriching lives of many women because one had the courage and audacity to change hers. Amazing, isn't? It filled me with hope.

All these were told by KK Chua, he's the president of Mary Kay Asia Pacific and have met Mary Kay Ash. He's incredibly charming. You can feel the passion in his voice when he spoke about the Mary Kay company and the business it formed. During dinner, I also got to seat with Mimi Gumelaty, she's the Vice President of Marketing for Asia Pacific. We spoke of the Mary Kay Ash and how the event was a culmination of celebrating women's many different roles in life. We spoke of her works in the beauty inductry and how she found a home in Mary Kay. Listening to her made me admire her, hoping that I get to take every word and apply them in my life as well.

Another great thing that happened that day was to be able to spend time with the Filipina finalists along with their beauty consultants. To see these six Filipinas among the many women from all over Asia Pacific gave me a sense of pride. Their accomplishments felt like there were my own and I was incredibly honored to be a part that evening.

This is exactly what a beauty contest should be like. One that looked what's on the inside, allow it to blossom and revels on the outside.

The Mary Kay Philippines Team
Criscy Camacho, me, Deniece Cornejo with Fatima Saquilbon, Arianne Buenviaje, Maild AperochoNing Hilario, Fatima Lopez and Martha Sta. Barbara.

The Mary Kay Philippines Finalists with their Beauty Consulatants

Incredibly gorgeous finalists from the Philippines Deniece Cornejo, Fatima Saquilabon and Arianne "Yani" Buenviaje.

One of the things I learned about Mary Kay is how enthusiasm became such a big part of Mary Kay and we've seen it through the special song and dance number they prepared for us. We certainly enjoyed the jive.

Oh! And here's Mr. KK Chua sharing with us stories of how he met Mary Kay Ash. Being a man, Mary Kay asked him if he is ready to serve women. Because that's what MK is all about,m serving women and enriching their lives. What a brave man right? :)

At the course of the dinner, We also got to meet some of the guest judges for the beauty contents. There's Gary Chung, he's a celebrity Makeup Artist in Hong Kong. Sean Lee Davies, a celebrity protographer, filmmaker, writer and TV host. Christie Simpson,  stylist s to the stars. 

We also got to meet Dom Lau, Asia's Ryan Secrest. He's currently the host for E! News Asia.

It was a great first day but it didn't end there, of course. Watch out for my Day 2 posts. It's pretty exciting what the finalists did during their Training day. :)

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