Watsons Haul

My recent shopping trip to Watsons showed a different side of me. :)

Surprised by the small number of beauty products as well as lack of cosmetics, this shopping trip proves that I am  an independent single woman who chooses the best quality for personal care products but takes in consideration their affordability.

Nivea Energy Fresh Anti-Persipirant Deo-Spray

It was this year that I got acquainted with Nivea deo-sprays and noticed how effective it was in preventing sweat and body odor. It's less harsh on the skin and it smells amazing!

Woman by Lactacyd

Some would argue that our vagina has it own way of cleansing itself and it only needs a a mild soap and water. Not for me, I prefer one with Lacti acid, which is a natural cleanser that is safe even for babies. So why not on my vajajay, right? I've uses Lactacyd ever since I got my period at the young age of 12 and it has never failed to make feel fresh and clean everyday.

New Nivea White Repair Pore Minimiser Foam

The beauty blogger in me had to pick up the new facial cleansers from one of my favorite skin care brands. Especially when it claims to resolve some of my skin care concerns. Let's see how this pans out after a few weeks. :)

Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Sticks and Pulls (honey wax) All Natural Hair Remover

I've tried Nanny Rose in the past and was happy with the result that I had to grab another tub. Waxing at home saves me a lot of money. And I even get to watch my favorite shows while getting rid of unwanted hair on my legs.

Glam Hair Removal  Paper

So happy to see this at Watsons! One example of how they really get into the details of providing us with what we need. Now, I don't have to buy expensive wax strips. This do the job well and it's re-usable!

Watsons Premium 4 Ply Tissue packs

I couldn't resist, the faux wallet design had me at first sight, I immediately snagged one for my haul. In fairness, nakakaloko siya. :)

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film

A cult favorite for sure. I try to hoard Control films whenever I can.

Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips.

When you barely have time for yourself, much less go to a facialist, resorting to DIY products are a must. Nose strips is my quickie facial for importa events. And while waiting for it to dry, I get to do some work, too.

 Green Tea by Watsons

I'm the type to get swayed by new products and this is one of those times. Naturally, I had to get one to try since it says it's great for those suffering with blackheads. Here's to hoping I made a good decision to try this.

Kojic Original Kojic Soap 3 for Php99

I use to hoard this in Quiapo! It really is effective with skin lightening and reducing the appearance of pores. It smells great, too. Good to know, I don't have to travel the narrow streets of Quaipo just to buy this.

Nouveau Hairbands

Watsons Round Puffs

Cecile of Chuvaness recommended I get these so I did!

Watsons Square Puffs

But I usually get these. Lasts me quite a while, too!


My daily vitamins! I like that it encourages me to drink water, too!

Transparent Plaster by Watsons

I make sure to re-stock my first aid kit at home.

Eye-mo Red Eyes Formula

Must haves for someone who stays all night in front of the computer.

Efficasent Oil

I'm on Lola-mode already so I had to get this! I love the scent and how it effectively reduces my shoulder pains.

Energizer Advanced AAA Batteries

And of course extra batteries for remotes at home. You never know when they'll run out of juice.

See? No makeup! Ooops. I bought one pala. It's a red lip liner from BYS Cosmetics. A must-have. It doesn't budge and has a matte finish. :)

But I do feel a bit grown-up with my haul. More of the home and beauty necessities than just makeup products. Although believe me I was really tempted.

Oh! I also got the BF 2 tubes of deo. For my Dad, this glasses with holes in them to help with his vision. :)

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