ISKIN Transformation Kit Review | Part 1

My skin's been a complete mess for the past months ever since the debacle of this skin care gadget and I can't quite recover from it. I've turned to several products but only a few stood up to the challenge. My acne still kept on coming back and it is making my blogging life hell. Hell, I say!

So Flawless offering me to try ISKIN New York, a luxe skincare line they've been carrying for a couple of years or so, couldn't have pleased me more! I've always had this brand at the back burner. Flawless as a brand lives for quality and affordability for all aesthetic needs of their clients. No skin problems goes unturned thanks to the dedication of this brand to treat every Filipina skin problems. In having highly-skilled facialists, certified dermatologists as well as the latest in skin and body care technology. All in prices within our means.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, then you might have seen a couple of snapshots of me sans makeup and showing you how the ISKIN helped me. I've had them since the beginning of July and I am currently at the middle of using/reviewing it. When it comes to skin care, I do take my time.

So before I get into the nitty-gritty of my review, let me share first what the brand tells us about the famous ISKIN Transformation Kit. Especially designed for Asian skin, this phenomenal skincare helps our skin ward off free radicals that tend to age our skin faster. It's designed for us who live in a fast paced life who don't want fine lines, wrinkles and rough skin.

The kit works harmoniously together. Starting off with a facial cleanser that removes all dirt and impurities, as well as makeup residues. Followed by a relaxing toner that restores our skin's Ph balance and a moisturizer that lightens and gives the skin the glow it needs. The kit also has two patented rejuvenating creams that helps stimulate cell activity, collagen and elastin formation.

Take a look at what's inside your transformation kit.

With ingredients like glycolic acid (Radiance), hydroquinone (Radiance), retonoic acid (Cellular Repair Complex Forte), witch hazel (Balancing Toner), Vitamin C & E and more skin reviving properties, it's no wonder that in just 2 weeks, I've seen major transformation with my skin. My acne significantly lessened. There were lesser breakouts.

Here's a good example of how well ISKIN Transformation Kit worked on my skin. 

Initial Thoughts

The set reminds me immediately of Obagi Nu-derm Set! From the cleanser to the creams. But I've never had the Nu-derm set so I can't say if the results are the same. I only had a few ones like the foaming gel, toner and blender and comparing it, these two could be twins. So here's to hoping that we've found a dupe to the a more expensive Obagi.

Another significant observation was the fact that there was hardly any sting at all. The cleanser had a minty feel to it. But the rest of the set was pretty normal. 

By Day 3 to 7, there will definitely a lot of redness. Stay away from peeling mask since the set is slowly lifting away the outermost part of the skin so using peeling mask might preempt it, cause irritations and wounds.

There is micro peeling similar to a typical glycolic peel on parts of the face that are less oilier. I noticed that with products that stimulate skin renewal, the oiliest parts of the face are the ones that don't peel so much. So I suggest to apply more product around it and lesser on the dry parts of the face to balance it out.

Acne will not go away like magic, like ones that are brought on by stress and hormones. I still got two cystic pimples before getting my period and it's still quite huge right now. Fortunately though, it's a lot tamer and less red compared to the ones I've had before using ISKIN.

For acne marks and dark spot, this skin care is definitely a good bet. But not for acne marks suffered from months ago. I noticed that this one works best for fresh marks. With old ones, I think more time is needed if not to go through chemical-based skin peeling like Glycolic, TCA or Jessner Peeling procedures.

Here's how I use the ISKIN Transformation Kit.


Cleanse face to remove excess oil and skincare residue. Follow it up by using the toner to return the skin's natural PH balance. Apply a pea size amount of Radiance, followed by Skin Smoother of the same amount. Both serves as a good makeup base. You can skip the sunblock if you're using a foundation with SPF. Should you prefer to go out sans makeup, apply the sunblock generously 20 minutes before stepping out into the sun.


Start off with the cleanser to remove excess dirt and makeup residue. Then with a cotton pad, remove further layers of dirt with the toner. Squeeze half a pea size of Radiance and apply all over the face. Dab small dots on parts that you want to lighten faster (acne marks, freckles, etc.). Mix Renew and the Cellular Repair Complex Forter into 1:1/2 ratio. Dab on cyctic acne to help dry it out faster. Apply your regular eye cream as usual.


ISKIN Transformation Kit definitely worksm I can tell you that in just two weeks of use.

It's nice to know that I don't have to worry about my acne as much as I did before. Given it's effectivity, I see myself using this for a long time. As long as I religiously apply it, my skin reacts to it beautifully that wearing makeup has become an option. It's not cheap, but compared to the thousands of money I've spent on both makeup and skincare, splurging on a better and proper skin care is worth it.

I don't give my recommendations to skin care lightly. That you can be assured of. But  with ISKIN, I give it my 100%. I still have a few days 2 more weeks to go. Let's see if this ISKIN will continually work its magic on me. :)

ISKIN Transformation Kit (Php17,000) is exclusively available at Flawless.

To know more about ISKIN, visit Flawless Website and keep up to date with their offerings and news  via their facebook page (

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