Guess Girl Eau de Toilette | Sweet, Sexy and Alluring

The memories of the brand Guess for me doesn't even come near to the fragrance atop my vanity now. Rather it was the brand that high school girls coveted including myself. I had their jeans, shirts, button down tops and the socks! The inverted triangle was permanent cover for my ankles. The brand that would make you a part of the "in" crowd back then. Well, at least it was in my school.

Couldn't believe that this brand recently celebrated it's 30th year! Same age as I am! Guess for me always had that Daisy Duke Pin-up feel. You know... seductive, sexy, slightly spilling on the top and had the right amount of strength. The sexy type you can't mess with. A girl that gets what she wants.

And to celebrate that, Guess was inspired to create the Guess Girl perfume which I think nailed the whole persona of the brand. The scent is a fix of sweet floral and citrus. Very alluring. not exactly for the high school girl in me but rather the woman that I am now. More secure, mature but still vibrant and sensual.

Immediate notes are mix of raspberry, melon and bergamot. Floral comes at the heart with Brazilian orchid blended with Provencal acacia and lilies. It settles down in a lush Australian Sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. The mix makes me feel incredibly sexy. Like I could be eaten up, thanks to the thick base of vanilla making me feel like I'm a candy.

The bottle alone gives the hint of sweetness with pink fluid reminiscent of a raspberry soda while the cap looks like hard candy mixed with cotton candy! :) A great summer scent that lasts for hours.

Are you a fan of sweet-fruity fragrances?

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